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The Foolish Sage

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source panchatantra.org
source panchatantra.org

Some time ago, there was a sage called Deva Sharma who lived in a sanctuary in the edges of a town.

He was generally known and regarded. Individuals would visit him, and offer him with blessings, nourishment, cash and pieces of clothing to look for his gifts. The endowments that he didn’t requirement for himself, he would auction, and got rich on the returns.

What’s more, by nature, he trusted no one.

He never trusted anyone. Along these lines, he kept all his cash in a sack which he conveyed under his arm constantly. He would not part with the sack for a solitary minute.
One day, a swindler went over the sage, and he got to be certain that the sack this heavenly man was so possessive of, must most likely contain a great deal of fortune.

He anticipated taking the sack from the sage, yet couldn’t think about an approach to do as such. He thought, “I can’t make an opening in the sanctuary divider, or hop over the high doors. Anyway, I can enchant him with sweet words to acknowledge me as his supporter.”

He pondered, “On the off chance that I can stay with him as a devotee, I can win his certainty. When I get an opportunity, I will burglarize him, and leave this spot.”

Having arranged thus, the swindler drew nearer the heavenly man with worship, “Om Namah Shivaya! (I bow before Lord Shiva, the God of Destruction)”

With these words, he fell on the wise’s feet and said, “O Guruji, Please direct me to one side way of life. I am tired of life, and need to look for peace.”

The sage benevolent answered, “My child, I will doubtlessly manage you. You are honored in light of the fact that you have come to me to look for peace at this youthful age”.

This was the open door the swindler was looking for, and he on the double touched the feet of the sage for endowments, “O Guruji, please acknowledge me as your supporter. I will do whatever you request that I do.”

The sage acknowledged the swindler as his supporter, however just on a condition. He said, “A blessed man as me is prescribed to spend the night alone without organization. This helps me to think moreover. Along these lines, you won’t be permitted to enter the sanctuary around evening time. You will rest in a cabin at the entryway of the sanctuary.”

The swindler concurred, “I should readily serve your wishes inside and out that you ask me to.”

At night, the sage started the ceremonies and formally took the swindler as his devotee.

The swindler consequently substantiated himself a respectful follower. He informed his hands and feet, wash his feet and helped him with all the ceremonies alongside cleaning the sanctuary. In spite of the fact that the sage was content with his teach, the swindler couldn’t increase enough certainty for the sage to part with his sack when he was around.

As days cruised by, the swindler began getting baffled, “He doesn’t believe me enough to leave the pack with me. I can obtain entrance to the sack on the off chance that I murder him with a blade or food him with toxic substance.”

source panchatantra.org
source panchatantra.org

When he was thinking this, the swindler saw a young man visit the sage. He was the child of one of the savvy’s devotees. He welcomed the wise, “O Guruji, I have come here actually to welcome you to our home for the function of consecrated string. It would be ideal if you acknowledge the welcome to bless the function with your kind vicinity.”

The sage acknowledged the welcome, and after sooner or later began off for the town with the swindler. In transit, they ran over a waterway, where the savvy considered soothing himself. He collapsed the bagful of cash in his robe. He requested that his pupil take care of it, “My tyke, Look after the robe until I return”.

This was the open door that the swindler was looking for at the same time. When the sage went behind the brambles, the swindler fled with the bagful of cash.

At the point when the sage returned, he didn’t discover the devotee around however discovered his robe lying on the ground. Stunned and restless, he looked inside just to discover his sack of cash was no more.

Without a moment’s delay he recognized what had happened, and started to yell, “Gracious. Where are you, you miscreant. You have ransacked me.”

The wise then began trailing the swindler’s strides, however he came to town. He knew he won’t have the capacity to grasp him. He stuck with it nearby to return flat broke to his sanctuary next morning.

Moral of the Story:

Try not to be taken in by the sweet expressions of a swindler.

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