The Four Unwise Brahmins

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In a specific town, there lived four Brahmins who had turned out to be incredible companions. They chose to go to Kannauj to seek after their higher examinations under the direction of an educated master. They went to considerable lengths to obtain information yet lamentably, neither did they have legitimate reasoning, nor would they be able to comprehend the genuine profound significance of the antiquated truisms.

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At the appropriate time of time they finished their investigations and chose to wander out on the planet. They looked for consent from their master to return to their homes. Their master cheerfully conceded them his assent and exhorted them to counsel the heavenly book, on the off chance that they at any point had an issue. The Brahmins contacted the feet of their master and left from that point.

After they had been going for a brief span, they went to a place where two ways met.

They couldn’t choose regarding which street they should take. Simply at that point, they saw a memorial service parade of a rich trader. Numerous unmistakable subjects of the adjacent town were going in that parade.

One of the Brahmins counseled his blessed sacred texts and read: ‘Whichever street is trailed by extraordinary men is the correct one to pursue.’ The Brahmins at that point likened the noticeable nationals with incredible men, and chose to pursue the memorial service parade. Before long they achieved the incineration ground, where while the other individuals began getting occupied in incinerating the body, the Brahmins did not comprehend what to do straightaway. They began sitting around the incineration ground. Before long, everyone left for their homes, and just a jackass was disregarded remaining in the incineration ground.

Presently the second Brahmin counseled his blessed sacred writings and read: ‘Whosoever remains by you on all events, regardless of whether cheerful or pitiful, is your actual companion.’ So they arrived at the resolution that the jackass was their actual companion. And after that, the Brahmins began showering their adoration and friendship on the jackass. In the mean time, they saw a camel walking rapidly towards them. Since they had never observed a camel, they began to ponder what sort of a creature or divinity it was.

The third Brahmin opened his heavenly book and read out: ‘Dharma moves quick.’ He at that point stated, “This thing is likewise moving quick. It must be Dharma.” Then, they imagined that they should acquaint their companion jackass with Dharma as it would be a respectable deed. Thus, when the camel drew closer, they integrated them up.

The camel was bothered at being tied up with the jackass and began running quick, hauling the jackass behind it. The jackass began bawling noisily in torment. The jackass’ lord, a washer man, heard the jackass’ bawling and came hurrying to the spot. He got a stick and pursued the four scholarly tricks to beat them. The four Brahmins kept running for their lives.

They continued strolling till they achieved a stream. They needed to cross the stream, however did not perceive any watercraft close-by. One of them all of a sudden yelled, “Look, there is a leaf drifting in the water. My blessed book says in the event that we grasp any skimming article, we won’t suffocate.” And saying this, he bounced on the leaf. He didn’t realize how to swim and before long began to suffocate.

One of the Brahmins hopped in the water to spare him, however was not able drag him to the shore on account of his weight. He at that point recalled a citation from his sacred book: ‘In the event that we can’t get back anything totally we should endeavor to recover in any event half of it.” With this exacting significance as a main priority the silly Brahmin remove his companion’s head, slaughtering him immediately.

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The staying three Brahmins continued meandering on, until the point when they achieved a town. The villagers warmly invited them. Three of the villagers welcomed every Brahmin to their very own home for lunch.

One of the Brahmins was presented with sewaiyan (spaghetti). The Brahmin took a gander at the long and thin state of the sewaiyan and recollected a citation from the sacred books: ‘The Dirghasutri (signifying’ languid’ yet having strict importance long and lean) is effectively wrecked.’ The silly Brahmin believed that he may likewise get annihilated by eating sewaiyan. Thus, he didn’t contact the sustenance and left eager.

The second Brahmin was presented with new roti. The silly Brahmin counseled his heavenly book which stated, ‘Round and level things rot soon.’ He thought, “In the event that I eat this roti which is round and level, I will likewise rot and kick the bucket soon. In this way, he too left his sustenance and left ravenous.

The third Brahmin was presented with vadas. The vadas were made of dal and had an opening at the inside. He recollected what he had perused in his book, ‘Gaps lead to issues.’ And along these lines, the third Brahmin likewise left his sustenance and left eager.

In the long run, the three absurd researchers stayed hungry and everyone ridiculed them.

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