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The Gatekeeper’s Reward: Vikram Betaal Story

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Quite a long time ago there carried on a ruler named Chandrakant. He was exceptionally famous because of his valor and liberal nature.

One day, a monitor, who was in charge of guarding the fundamental passage of the castle, came to him and let him know, “His Majesty! You should caution our troopers, as the adversary’s armed force may assault our nation inside a couple days.” Chandrakant asked him how he could state that already. The watch did not give a legitimate answer to that and said that it was only a hunch.

Following a couple days, the neighboring nation launched a gigantic assault on Chandrakant’s kingdom, yet as his officers were ready, they could counter the assault. The adversaries were vanquished and ruler Chandrakant could spare his kingdom.

Once the war was over, he chose to give an appropriate reward to the watch for his precise data.

Following day, the protect was summoned in the court to get his reward from the lord. The ruler asked him by and by that how he could anticipate so precisely that the foes would assault the kingdom. The protect answered, “Sir I can see things which will occur in my fantasies. One night, while I was doing my obligation, I had a fantasy about the adversary armed force assaulting us.” After hearing this, the lord gave him one thousand gold coins.

And after that, all of a sudden he said to the protect in a firm tone, “You are expelled from the post of the monitor,” Everyone in the lord’s court was shocked by the ruler’s choice, yet nobody set out to ask him for what good reason. The watch unobtrusively acknowledged the ruler’s choice. He bowed down before the lord and left.

After the story, Betaal asked Vikram, “Would you be able to let me know, why the ruler expelled the watch notwithstanding when he had helped him to win against the foe?

Vikram replied, “Betaal, the obligation of a protect is to deal with the castle’s entryway. As the watch said,he had a fantasy amid duty,the lord got the possibility that he was mulling over obligation. In this way, in spite of the fact that he helped him win against the adversary armed force, he neglected to do his obligation. That is the reason the ruler rejected him from the post of the monitor.”

When Vikram completed his answer, Betaal flew back to the tamarind tree.

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