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The Gold Giving Serpent

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Sometime in the distant past, there was a poor Brahmin named Haridatta. He used to buckle down in the fields, yet couldn’t receive the outcome in return. One day, after the tiring working hours, he set down in the shade of the tree, amidst the field. Simply then, he saw a ghastly snake with an enormous hood leaving an ant colony dwelling place. The poor Brahmin suspected that the serpent may be the watchman god of the field and he had not paid respect to it for once. This could be the explanation behind the infertility of the field.

source panchtantra.org
source panchtantra.org

In a split second, he went to bring some milk and offered the milk to the serpent in a dish. While offering the milk with due respect, he tended to the serpent, “O, Guardian of this field! I didn’t realize that you live here that is the reason I never offered you anything. It would be ideal if you overlook me”. After the entire occasion, he went to his home. Following day, when the agriculturist came to furrow the field, he discovered a gold coin in the dish close to the ant colony dwelling place. Presently this turned into a normal highlight of Brahmin’s life. Day by day he served milk to the serpent and discovered a gold coin.

One day Brahmin needed to go to the remote terrains and because of this reason, he solicited his child to fare thee well from the serpent. The child conveyed the milk to the ant colony dwelling place and offered it, to the serpent. Following day, when he returned discovered a gold coin in the dish. In the wake of taking the gold coin, he thought, “This ant colony dwelling place must be brimming with gold coins. I would execute the serpent and take all of them”. Brahmin’s child chose the arrangement and following day went to the field with the milk and a stick. He offered the milk to the snake and hit its hood with the stick. The snake got away from the blow of the stick and bit the kid to his passing.

The entire town grieved over the dismal demise of Brahmin’s child. After two days, the Brahmin came back to his town and came to think about the passing of his child. He went over the entire episode and again went to the field to serve the milk to the serpent. He lauded the snake in a boisterous voice and kept the milk close to the ant colony dwelling place.

The snake left the ant colony dwelling place and answered, “Brahmin, you have come here from ravenousness, even you have left your distress for your child who has quite recently passed. Presently onwards, the kinship between you and me is unrealistic. Your energetic child who needed comprehension struck me and I bit him. By what method would I be able to overlook that stick’s blow? In what capacity would you be able to overlook the torment and melancholy for your child? “. In the wake of saying this, the serpent issued him a jewel and said, “Never come to me again. That is the reason; I am issuing you an excessive jewel”. The serpent vanished into the ant colony dwelling place. The Brahman took the precious stone and returned home, reviling the absence of comprehension of his child.

Moral: Excess of ravenousness is hurtful.

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