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The Great Pundit – Tenali Raman Story

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Quite a long time ago, an incredible intellectual from an outside land went to King Krishna Deva Raya’s court and guaranteed that he knew about all subjects and was an ace of the considerable number of fields.

He tested all the savvy clergymen at the King’s court and said that he will overcome them in contentions. The King acknowledged his test. The savant then began contending with the educated men of the kingdom on different subjects. Every one of the pastors were bombing seriously. At that point, the King chose to summon his savvies serve, Tenali Raman.

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On being summoned, Tenali Raman took a little package from his home, make it seem like a book and tied it up. At that point, he went to the court and proclaimed that he would contend with the savant yet on one condition that the theme of the civil argument would be founded on the book called ‘Thilakashta Mahisha Bandhanam.’

The considerable intellectual was puzzled to catch wind of the book as he had never known about any such book. He requested one evening to plan for the contention. Amid the night, he was restless and couldn’t bear the possibility of losing to Tenali Raman. So he chose to leave. He exited a note for the King saying that he doesn’t know anything about the immense book.

The next day, Tenali showed up in the court for the open deliberation. Be that as it may, he was educated that the intellectual had left the court. The King then got some information about the considerable book that Tenali had specified, with the goal that he can likewise take in things from it. On listening to this, Tenali snickered and reacted that there is no such book called ‘Thilakashta Mahisha Bandhanam’.

He said that inside the package, there was til which is known as “Thila” in Sanskrit and some sheep manure which is called “Kashta” in Sanskrit. These were then tied by a rope which was made of bison’s shroud which is called ‘Mahisha’, and the demonstration of tying is known as “Bandhanam” in Sanskrit.

This is the manner by which he deceived the savant into trusting that there was an extraordinary book and the intellectual knew nothing about it. The King then commended Tenali Raman’s astuteness and remunerated him for the same.

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