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The Greedy Brahmins

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The King, Krishnadevaraya’s mom was an extremely devout and customary woman. She had gone by every heavenly place and given quite a bit of her fortunes in philanthropy to sanctuaries. When she demonstrated the want of giving without end natural products in philanthropy and her child, the ruler, obliged.

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Krishnadevaraya instantly got numerous mangoes from Ratnagiri. He regarded his mom a considerable measure and never let her down. Shockingly, before the propitious day could arrive, his mom kicked the bucket.

Krishnadevaraya took after every religious custom. They continued for a long time. On the most recent day, the King called a few Brahmins and stated, ‘my mom’s last wish was to offer mangoes to Brahmins. Be that as it may, she couldn’t satisfy this desire and kicked the bucket. What would i be able to do as such that my mom’s last wish could be satisfied and she can rest in peace?’

The Brahmins were covetous. They said that lone if the King would give every Brahmin a gold mango, would his mom have the capacity to rest in peace.

Krishnadevarya on hearing this promptly requested some gold mangoes to be made and introduced them to the Brahmins, figuring now his mom would be cheerful and tranquil.

Tenali Raman caught wind of this and he called those Brahmins to his home to play out the last custom functions of his own mom.

At the point when the Brahmins went to Tenali’s home Tenali shut every one of the entryways and windows and remained before them with an intensely hot iron pole. The Brahmins were shocked Tenali expelled their disarray.

‘My mom had knee torments and as a cure she needed me to cure her with these hot iron poles. In any case, she kicked the bucket before I could help her. So now I need to satisfy her desire by giving all of you this treatment’, Tenali said to the Brahmins.

The Brahmins were stunned and said that it is foul play on them and that they won’t be a piece of it.

Be that as it may, Tenali said that since they had taken the brilliant mangoes from the lord since that way it could give peace to his dead mother, this was the way Tenali’s mom could discover peace.

The insatiable Brahmins comprehended that they have not done right and they restored the mangoes to the King.

Later Tenali Raman told ruler Krishnadevarya that the fortune of the royal residence ought not be misused by offering them to such avaricious individuals. Rather, it ought to be put to nourish and serve the penniless.

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