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The Greedy Mouse

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source youtube

A ravenous mouse saw a wicker bin brimming with corn. He needed to eat it. So he made a little gap in the wicker container. He crushed in through the gap. He ate a great deal of corn. He felt full. He was extremely glad.

Presently he needed to turn out. He attempted to turn out through the little gap. He proved unable. His paunch was full. He attempted once more. However, it was of no utilization.

The mouse began crying. A rabbit was cruising by. It heard the mouse’s cry and asked: “Why are you crying my companion?”

The mouse clarified: “I made a little gap and came into the crate. Presently I am not ready to get out through that gap.”

The rabbit said: “It is on the grounds that you ate excessively. Hold up til your stomach contracts”. The rabbit giggled and went away.

The mouse nodded off in the crate. Next morning his stomach had contracted. Yet, the mouse needed to eat some corn. So he ate and ate. His stomach was full by and by. He thought: “Gracious! Presently I will go out tomorrow”.

The feline was the following bystander. He noticed the mouse in the crate. He lifted its cover. He ate the mouse.

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