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The Guarantee: Mullah Nasruddin

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One day, Nasruddin was at the lord’s court when the ruler swung to him and stated, “Mulla Nasruddin, you are continually gloating about your intelligence and cunning. So let me know, would you be able to educate your jackass how to peruse?”

Nasruddin answered, “obviously! That is a significant simple errand.”

“I don’t trust you,” said the ruler.

“I mean it and I can demonstrate it to you,” said Nasruddin.

The ruler stated, “Would you take it on as a test, then?”

“Completely,” answered Nasruddin. “On the off chance that you give me fifty thousand dollars at this moment, I ensure that before eight years’ over, I will have instructed my jackass how to peruse.”

The ruler stated, “Fine, I concur. Be that as it may, my condition is that if the jackass can’t read by then, I will have you put in jail where you will be tormented each day.”

Them two consented to this arrangement and Nasruddin left for home.

The following day, Nasruddin enlightened his companion concerning what had occurred at the lord’s court. His companion stated, “Nasruddin, how might you be able to ever consent to such an inconceivable undertaking? You can’t control your jackass enough to make it stop, and now you have ensured that in eight years you would have shown him how to peruse? It is extremely unlikely you can get away from that jail sentence.”

“Unwind,” answered Nasruddin placidly. “Eight years is quite a while, old buddy! By then, our ruler will presumably be dead or he won’t be in power any longer. What’s more, regardless of the possibility that he is as yet the lord toward the finish of eight years, odds are that my jackass would be dead by then. More terrible arrived at more awful, if before seven years’ over, both the ruler and my jackass are alive, I will in any case have one entire year to devise an arrangement to escape discipline.

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