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The Haunting in Cherokee

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By Annonymous

This arrangement of occasions occurred between myself, my uncle and one of my closest companions while we were in secondary school. I need it to be realized that my uncle is just 2 years more seasoned than me and lived with me at the time. My uncle and my companion were dating at the season of these occasions. I was available for 1 of the happenings.

The element is known as a Skili. As I comprehend it, this thing is the result of Cherokee dark enchantment of sorts. A man can convey some portion of themselves in a shadow-like shape to bug or damage somebody who they have an issue with, while they are physically in another area.

As I stated, my uncle “A”and companion “B” were dating. They were out at the city lake one night with some of my uncles companions simply strolling around clasping hands. There is a tree lined strolling trail around this lake and as they strolled, “A” told “B” not to pivot and to continue strolling. This truly terrified “B” and she continued inquiring as to why he said that and “An” only kept on advising her not to pivot in a low tone.

As indicated by “A” this substance was tailing them in the obscurity.

Later on that night, my uncle was getting dropped off at home and as they pulled up, everybody in the auto saw a human/Sasquatch formed figure in the field outside the home. It had kept on taking after their team the distance to our home. My uncle “An” escaped the auto as his companions and sweetheart shouted. He started to toss rocks at the substance and it started to keep running over the field. When they could no longer observe it, his companions and sweetheart left and he went inside.

source youtube

A few days later, “A” and I were sitting in the living room watching tv in the evening. I hadn’t noticed anything until my uncle pulled out his pocket knife and began to breathe heavily. I looked at him and at that moment I could feel the change in atmosphere. I could tell that we were being watched. I asked “A” if it was here. He shook his head slowly indicating that it was indeed near us. I looked around calmly and noticed a soft gold glowing figure right outside the kitchen window across from where we sat. I decided to just go to bed cause it felt weird in there. When I laid down I had the door open and hall light on. Something filled the doorway to my room in shadow. I froze in my bed. I began to quietly pray and demand that all evil leave my home. Just before it left my doorway, it let out a deep guttural growl and then disappeared.

My uncle later told me that this thing had been following him for weeks. It eventually went away, but he never told me what he did to get rid of it…

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