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The Horse: Tenali Raman Story

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When, ruler Krishna Deva Raya needed to extend his armed force. In this way, he required more steeds. He chose to give one stallion to every individual in his kingdom, to deal with. He additionally gave everybody a decent supply of straw to nourish the steeds. Everybody aside from Tenali Rama was content with this arrangement. He close his steed in one room and ordinary at precisely nine o’clock he gave the steed next to no straw through the window. He gave whatever is left of the straw to his dairy animals who got to be fat and sound.

Toward the end of a year, the ruler needed to see every one of the steeds. Every one of the general population who had been offered steeds to grow up, brought their stallions for investigation. Be that as it may, Tenali Rama did not bring his stallion. On being addressed, he addressed that his steed had turned out to be strong to the point that he couldn’t convey it to the court. The ruler was astounded on listening to this. He said, “Okay, I will send my main monitor to your home tomorrow morning at nine to assess the stallion there.” Tenali concurred.

The following morning, the central overseer went to Tenali’s home. He had a long whiskers.

Tenali took him to the room where the steed was kept and requesting that he look through the window. At the point when the investigator peeped through the window, actually his whiskers went in through the window first. Seeing the facial hair, the stallion felt that it must be straw that was being given to him at the altered time. It grasped the facial hair in his teeth and pulled. The investigator yelled in agony and attempted to force his facial hair back. Yet, the stallion realized this was the main sustenance he would get throughout the day and pulled energetically till the examiner lost his whiskers.

The investigator went rushing to the lord. He reported that surely Tenali Rama’s steed was the most grounded of every one of them.

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