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The Hunter and the Doves

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source youtube

This is one more pleasant tale from the gathering of Panchatantra. Sometime in the distant past, there was a group of birds that flew looking for sustenance. This group was driven by their ruler. When, it happened all things considered that the herd had flown a long separation and all the pigeons got tired. The lord of birds urged the pigeons to fly somewhat more. One of the birds grabbed pace and discovered some rice grains scattered under a banyan tree.

All the pigeons were cheerful to discover the nourishment and cheerfully arrived on the ground. When they started to eat the grains, an immense net fall over them and every one of them got caught. The birds vacillated their wings urgently attempting to turn out, however it was of no profit. Simply then, they saw the seeker impending towards them. He showed up very glad to locate countless caught inside the net. The entire group was unnerved on seeing the fowler.

Notwithstanding, the ruler of pigeons was extremely smart and astute. He didn’t free his understanding and concocted an arrangement to turn out from this antagonistic circumstance. He encouraged to different birds,” so as to get free from the net of this seeker, we ought to all fly up together gripping the net in our mouths. There is quality in solidarity. We will choose our next approach later. Presently, go ahead and how about we fly.”

Hearing to the lord, every bird got a bit of the gigantic net and they flew up together, conveying the net with them. The seeker was astounded to see the feathered creatures flying, alongside the gigantic net. He pursued the winged animals, yelling frantically, yet couldn’t get them. Before long, they flew high over slopes and valleys escaping from his sight.

At the point when the lord bird saw that the seeker had surrendered the pursuit, he said to his companions, “Now we all need to escape from this net. A mouse lives on the close-by slope. He is great companion of mine. We should go to him for his help.” They traveled to a slope close to a city of sanctuaries where the mouse lived.

At the point when the mouse heard the noisy commotion of birds’ methodology, he got unnerved and concealed himself more profound into his opening. The King pigeon asked, “Dear companion, I have come, the lord dove. We’re in awesome trouble. If its not too much trouble turn out and help us.” Hearing the voice of the lord dove, the mouse exited his gap and saw the ruler pigeon and his companions caught in the net. The mouse said,” Oh! Who’s done this to you? ”

The ruler pigeon disclosed the entire story to the mouse. He let him know that they require mouse’s assistance to snack the net and set them free. The mouse promptly began snacking the net around the ruler dove. The ruler pigeon said,” No, dear. Initially set my devotees free. A lord can’t keep his subjects in agony and appreciate the opportunity for himself.”

The mouse comprehended the lord’s emotions and adulated the ruler for his nobleness. According to the lord’s wish, the mouse snacked at the part of the net and one by one all the pigeons got liberated including the ruler dove. All the pigeons were upbeat to get free. They said thanks to the mouse for his exertion and took off together joyfully to their destination.

Moral: Strength lies in solidarity.

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