The Jinx – Tenali Raman Story

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Tenali Raman was a pastor in the court of Krishnadevaraya, the leader of Vijayanar. He was a to a great degree flexible identity. The whole kingdom dependably hummed with the news of his accounts and pragmatic jokes.

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He was extremely renowned and accounts of his astuteness spread past Vijaynagar, in urban communities which are a piece of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu now. An incredible researcher by calling, Tenali Raman likewise knew a few dialects.

There once carried on a man called Ramaya in the town of Vijayanagar. It was trusted that whoever saw the substance of Ramaya the first thing, would not have the capacity to eat anything for the duration of the day. Along these lines, every one of the general population of Vijaynagar maintained a strategic distance from Ramaya constantly.

The news likewise achieved the ruler’s ears. He needed to discover reality for himself and called for Ramaya on the double. He made Ramaya remain at a room neighboring his bed chamber for one night.

The following day, when the lord woke up, he went and saw Ramaya’s face the main thing the morning.

Later toward the evening, the ruler sat to have his lunch. He was presented with newly cooked hot sustenance. As he was going to take his first chomp, he saw that there was a fly in his sustenance. He discarded the platter and requested for new nourishment. Be that as it may, when the nourishment was cooked for the second time, he was not ravenous any more.

Subsequently, the lord understood that whatever the general population said were valid, Ramaya was without a doubt cursed. So he requested his officers to hang him quickly.

The officers did not have any desire to hang him, but rather they couldn’t conflict with the ruler’s words. They were taking Ramaya towards the hangman’s tree, when they met Tenali Raman in transit. Tenali murmured something in Ramaya’s ear and after that Ramaya was whisked away by the fighters.

Afterward, when the officers got some information about his last wish, he said that he needed to send over a message to the lord. He asked for them not to balance him until the point that he got the reaction of the lord.

He said to the officers, “Go and tell the lord that in the event that the facts demonstrate that any individual who sees my face toward the beginning of the day loses his hunger for the day, at that point any individual who sees the ruler’s face in the first part of the day is bound to lose his life that day. Reveal to him that on the off chance that I am cursed, so is he, and in certainty more than me.”

The ruler was astounded when he heard Ramaya’s message. He requested the execution to be halted quickly. He was embarrassed about his numbness. On the double he called Ramaya and offered him a great deal of endowments and furthermore asked for him to not unveil this episode to anybody in the town.

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