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The King And The Foolish Monkey

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source youtube
source youtube

Once there was a king, who had a pet monkey.

This monkey was a bonehead, yet was dealt with imperially and moved uninhibitedly in the ruler’s royal residence.

He was additionally permitted to enter the lord’s close to home rooms that were illegal notwithstanding for the classified hirelings. One evening, the ruler was sleeping, while the monkey kept a watch.
Out of the blue, a fly came in the room and sat on the lord’s midsection.

The monkey influenced her away, yet the fly would just go away for quite a while and profit for the ruler’s midsection once more.

The monkey got exceptionally irate and energized. The stupid monkey began pursuing the fly with a sword.

As the fly sat on the lord’s midsection once more, the monkey hit the fly vigorously. The fly took off unharmed, yet the ruler was seriously injured in the midsection, and passed on accordingly.

Moral of the Story:

Be careful with an absurd companion. He can bring about you more mischief than your adversary.

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