The Lightning And The Thunder

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Quite a long time ago, Lightning and Thunder lived on the earth, much the same as other individuals. The lord was, in any case, not glad and made them inhabit the edge of the town, far from the other individuals.

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Thunder was an old sheep and Lightning was her solitary child, a smash. Lightning was exceptionally fiendish and at whatever point he got irate, he wrecked trees and torched houses. Each time Lightning made any mischief anybody, Thunder, the sheep used to get extremely furious and admonish him in a noisy voice. Yet, Lightning scarcely ever tuned in to his mom and kept making harm everybody. Step by step, individuals got extremely disturbed with Lightning lastly whined to the lord about him.

The ruler was worried about the general population of his town and requested Thunder and Lightning to leave the town and live without anyone else in the faraway shrubs. Be that as it may, that did not make a big deal about a distinction. Indeed, even now at whatever point the slam lost his temper, he would shout so anyone can hear and consume the timberland. Now and again, the fire from the woods would spread from that point and consume the town houses.

The general population were terrified and stressed and by and by announced the issue to the ruler. The ruler was extremely furious this time. He was worried about the prosperity of his kin. He chose to oust the mother and the child. He requested them to leave the earth and go and live in the sky. From that point forward, Lightning causes fire and decimation at whatever point he is furious and his mom keeps on reprimanding him noisily, requesting that he stop the demolition. That is the reason you can simply observe the brilliant Lightning on the sky and hear the noisy Thunder directly after that. In some cases when the mother is worn out or doing some other work, you can at present observe Lightning causing fire yet the mother’s voice is no place to be heard.

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