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The Lion that Sprang to Life

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Some time ago, there were four companions in a town. Three of these four companions were found out in all sciences, however had no ability to think. The fourth companion by the name of Subuddhi was not abundantly adapted in scriptures or sciences, but rather had the ability to think. He was very down to earth in his methodology towards life and comprehended what was great or terrible for him.

One day, the three scholarly companions suspected that there was no utilization of their learning, unless it conveyed them cash to satisfy their needs. They chose to go to every single removed town and urban communities so as to attempt their good fortune. They would not like to bring their fourth companion with them, as he was not learned. In any case, they consented to bring him alongside them, considering that he was their companion since adolescence.

After this, the four companions set out on a long excursion. They meandered starting with one town then onto the next, searching for a chance to acquire cash. One day, amid their adventure, they needed to cross a thick timberland. While going through the woodland, they saw a stack of bones lying under a tree. On seeing the pile, one of the educated companions said, “Companions, this is a decent chance to test our aptitudes. I think these bones are of a certain creature. Give us a chance to breath new life into it utilizing the learning we have gained.”

The primary companion said, “Fine. I will utilize my abilities to collect the bones into a skeleton”. At that point he droned some mantra and requested all the bones to meet up framing a skeleton. At the point when the skeleton was prepared, the second companion droned some other mantra, charging fragile living creature and blood to fill the skeleton and skin to cover it. Presently, it resembled a dormant lion.

As the third learned companion confronted do the last demonstration of placing life into the dead assortment of the creature, the fourth companion yelled, “Stop! This resembles the collection of a lion. On the off chance that it becomes full of energy all of a sudden, he will murder every one of us.” The companion, who was to place life into the assortment of the creature said, “You are a moron. What do you know in the field of learning and information? Do you think I will lose this chance to test my learning? It would be better, in the event that you keep your mouth close.”

Overlooking what the fourth companion had said, the scholarly companion began droning the mantra to breath new life into the creature back. The fourth companion yelled, “Hold up a moment” and immediately moved up a tree close-by. The three educated companions giggled on the demonstration of their companion. The third companion place life in the dead assortment of the lion. The lion sprang to life and executed all the three educated men. The fourth companion securely backpedaled to his town.

Moral: Knowledge without the ability to think is futile.

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