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The Lion’s Cub

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One day, all the mother creatures of the wilderness had a genuine contention. Every one of them were truly pleased with their little ones and every single one of them felt that their children were the best among all. They were, be that as it may, endeavoring to discover which one of them had the biggest brood.

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Mother deer who was tenderly licking her three little infants stated, “It’s unquestionably me… I have the best and the biggest brood.”

“Absolutely not! Take a gander at my children. How sharp their teeth are!” said mother jackal. All her five offspring quickly uncovered their teeth. Rest of the creatures got frightened and got off, however mother jackal guaranteed them that the offspring wouldn’t hurt anybody.

Mother sparrow flew up to her home fluttering its wings and stated, “I have nine little birdies, that is more than both of yours set up together.” The modest little flying creatures tweeted putting their heads out.

“Be that as it may, none of you can coordinate my record,” said mother feline, pointing at her little cat armed force.

“Your children are not in any case worth being checked,” said some person from the group. Mother feline got furious and said something back. One contention prompted another and soon it wound up in entire disorder.

At long last, they all chose to go to mother lion to settle the contention.

“We as a whole have such huge numbers of children, yet we don’t know who has the biggest brood. Shouldn’t something be said about you?” one of the creatures asked mother lion.

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“I simply have one,” said mother lion, and took a gander at the little offspring with satisfaction. The offspring kept running about guiltlessly around its mom.

Only one? That is altogether?” asked the creatures astonished. “Truly that is altogether,” said mother lion grinning. “I have only one whelp and it will end up being the lord of the wilderness one day. For what reason do I even need a bigger brood?”

All the mother creatures turned out to be calm and understood that in future the lion fledgling would matter considerably more than the greater part of their posterity set up together.

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