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The Little Mice and the Big Elephants

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Sometime in the distant past, a town was demolished by a solid seismic tremor. The houses and streets got completely harmed. The town was broken overall. Because of this, the villagers were compelled to leave their homes and settle some place else. Discovering the spot empty, the mice started to live in the demolished houses. Before long their number developed into hundreds and thousands.
There was an enormous lake situated close to the demolished town. A group of elephants used to visit the lake for drinking water. This was the main path accessible to them, to achieve the lake. On some way or another to the lake, the elephants pulverized many mice every day under their substantial feet. By this activity of the elephants, the number of inhabitants in the mice was influenced. The issue was getting greater and greater step by step.

So as to discover an answer for this issue, the mice held a meeting. It was chosen that a solicitation ought to be made to the lord of the elephants in regards to the issue. The King Mice met the King Elephant and asked, “Sir, we live in the remnants of the town, however every time when your group crosses the town, a large number of my subjects get smashed under the enormous feet of your crowd. Merciful change your course. We guarantee to help you in the hour of your need, in the event that you keep my term.”

The lord elephant snickered on listening to this and answered,” You mice are little to be of any assistance to titans like us. At the same time, doesn’t make a difference, we would support you by changing our course to achieve the lake and making you more secure”. The King mice said thanks to the lord elephant and returned home.

One day a gathering of elephant-seekers came and caught the gathering of elephants in tremendous solid nets. The elephants battled hard to free themselves, however all futile. All of a sudden, the ruler of elephants recalled the guarantee of the lord of mice, who had spoken prior about helping the elephants when required. He summoned one of the elephants of his group which had not been caught, to go and contact the ruler of rats.

On listening to the elephant, the rodent ruler instantly took his whole gathering of mice to safeguard the crowd. He discovered the elephants caught in a thick net. The mice set themselves on the errand. They snacked the thick net at a huge number of spots making it free. The elephants loosened up the net and got free. They were thankful to the mice for their awesome help and got to be companions for ever.

Moral: Sometimes a powerless looking individual may demonstrate stronger than others.

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