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The Lottery Win

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It was a residential area, situated in the edges of a city. Individuals who lived in the town worked in the city and earned for their life. The town had a tea shop situated close to the transport stand. Individuals who sit tight for the transport talk with others in the tea shop.

There was a gathering of 6 men who worked in the city. Despite the fact that they work at distinctive organizations in the city, they were close. Consistently the 6 men used to visit and have decent discussion as they sit tight for the transport.
Ketan was one in the gathering and he worked in an article of clothing production line. One day, Ketan was sitting peacefully in the tea shop and did not join the discussion with others. Alternate companions saw him extremely miserable and enquired him why he looked so stressed?

Ketan told, ‘nothing companions!’

One man demanded him to impart his stresses, so that they may discover an answer for his inconveniences.

Here is the discussion in the middle of Ketan and his companions.

Ketan said, ‘I lost 10 lakh rupees!’

While all were stunned, one of his companions told, ’10 lakh rupees? At the point when did you have so much cash?’

Ketan: ‘Yes, I lost 10 lakh rupees. I’m so discouraged and lost a fortune!’

A Friend: ‘You were with us more often than not. At that point how could you have been able to you lose the cash?’

Ketan was quiet.

A companion: ‘in the event that you can impart to us, we can truly help you!’

Ketan: ‘I read daily paper last Friday, which had the points of interest of a lottery ticket. The person who buy gets 10 lakh rupees as the triumphant cash. Today I read the news again proclaiming the triumphant lottery ticket.’

A companion: ‘You obtained and lost?’

Another companion: ‘did you lose the ticket?’

Ketan: “No!”

A companion: ‘Then why you are dismal?’

Ketan: ‘I thought I ought to have obtained one ticket. I chose to buy on Wednesday as it is my fortunate of reckoning. Lamentably I neglected to purchase the lottery ticket on Wednesday. Strictly when perusing today’s news I recollected about the lottery. Today, the outcomes are reported. In the event that I bought it, I would have won the lottery and 10 lakhs sum. I feel so terrible I lost 10 lakhs.’

Ketan’s words let everybody stunned to the center! He didn’t purchase the lottery ticket, yet lament for losing 10 lakhs!

Numerous individuals are similar to Ketan. Lamenting for something we have not done issues us nothing. Attempt it and put greatest endeavors you can to get yourself compensated.

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