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The Man on the Tree

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One day, a man moved up a tree. While scaling, he didn’t understand how tall the tree really was and kept moving up. On achieving the top, when the man looked down, he understood that moving down from the tree would not be as simple as ascending. He couldn’t think about any method for getting down without harming himself truly.

He asked the general population who were going by to help him. Yet, no one could think about a method for cutting him down securely. Before long, many individuals accumulated around the tree and attempted to help the man, yet nobody comprehended what to do. The man stayed stuck on top of the tree.

Simply then, Nasruddin, who was strolling by, saw this scene and pondered what was happening. The general population remaining around the tree informed Nasruddin concerning the circumstance. “Goodness!” Nasruddin stated, “I’ll get him down in the blink of an eye.” He took a long rope and tossed one end of it up to the man instructing him to tie the rope around his midsection.

Everybody pondered what Nasruddin’s arrangement was. When one of them asked him, Nasruddin answered, “Simply abandon it

to me. It’s an foolproof arrangement.”

At the point when the man on the tree had tied the rope firmly around his abdomen, Nasruddin pulled the rope with all his constrain. When Nasruddin did this, the man tumbled down from the tree and hurt himself gravely. The spectators were stunned at this. They swung to Nasruddin and asked, “What were you considering? What sort of a senseless arrangement was that?”

Nasruddin answered, “Well, once I did the very same thing and spared somebody’s life.”

One man asked him, “Is that valid?”

“Completely!” answered Nasruddin, “The main thing I can’t recollect is whether I spared him from a tree or from a well.”

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