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The Nose of the Elephant – Indian Folk Tales

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Numerous years back, the elephant’s nose was not as long as it is presently. It was simply the measure of a boot, which the elephant could wind from side to side. In any case, an elephant’s child transformed it until the end of time.

source youtube

The infant elephant was greatly curious and inquisitive and dependably had an inquiry for everybody.

He asked the giraffe, “For what reason do you have spots everywhere on your body?”

What’s more, to the ostrich he stated, “For what reason do your tail quills develop that way?”

He likewise asked the hippo for what valid reason its eyes were so red and to the monkey he inquired as to why melons tasted the way they did.

One day, he was getting extremely inquisitive and approached what the crocodile has for supper.

“Hushhhh,be calm,” said every one of the creatures with fear .But the infant elephant was not going to stay silent. He continued making same inquiry to everybody he met.

One day, he ran over the Kolokolo feathered creature and she disclosed to him where he could discover an answer.

“You will discover your answer in the green, dark and oily Limpopo River,” she said.

The infant elephant began his adventure, with his back weighed down with a great deal of sugarcane, melons and bananas.

After a long and tiring adventure, he at long last achieved the waterway.

He was strolling along the edge of the stream, when he abruptly ventured on something that resembled a log of wood. Yet, that something began moving its tail and the infant elephant ventured down quickly. All of a sudden it squinted and opened its mouth.

The elephant took a gander at the animal and asked him honestly, “Have you at any point seen a crocodile here?I have been scanning for one for quite a while.”

“At that point I should state you are fortunate, I am the one you were searching for,” said the crocodile.

The child elephant bounced with fervor! “At that point would you be able to disclose to me what do you have for supper?” asked the elephant enthusiastically.

The crocodile sprinkled its tail in the mud filled water and stated, “I will let you know, however just on the off chance that you come nearer.” The child elephant was energized and conveyed his ears nearer to the crocodile.

Without a moment’s delay the crocodile jumped and got the nose of the elephant with a solid grasp.

source youtube

The child elephant was frightened. He had a go at pulling his nose back, yet the crocodile wouldn’t let go.They both began pulling from the two sides, and the elephant’s nose continued extending and extending.

At last the crocodile surrendered and quickly went into the water.

The child elephant fell back with a snap. He was worn out and sat down on the bank. All of a sudden, he saw that his nose was longer than some time recently. He understood that it had continued developing longer as the crocodile was pulling it.

The elephant was in torment. He sat tight for his nose to recoil by wrapping it up in banana clears out.

In any case, it never shrank. Since that day, the elephant’s nose stayed that way, long.

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