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The Ocean and Tittibha Birds

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Numerous years prior, on the shores of a sea, carried on a couple of Tittibha feathered creatures. Once, a female Tittibha winged creature was going to have her infants. She asked for her better half to locate a calm and safe place for her to lay eggs.

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The spouse loved where they lived in particular and did not have any desire to leave from that point. He asked his significant other, “My dear, what isn’t right with this place?”

She stated, “Dear, this place is not under any condition protected as it gets overflowed with water at whatever point there is a high tide in the sea.”

The spouse was incensed as he suspected that his significant other was thinking little of his quality and said furiously, “What? Do you think I am powerless to the point that the sea would set out do a wonder such as this?”

The spouse attempted to make her significant other comprehend reality and stated, “Dear husband, you should not rival the forceful sea and be careless of your forces. You may pay for being so glad.”

Be that as it may, the male Tittibha was resolute thus the poor female needed to lay her eggs on the shore.

The sea had caught the discussion of the two feathered creatures and decided to instruct the presumptuous male Tittibha a decent lesson. He washed away the eggs at the principal opportunity.

The poor spouse went crying to her better half and educated him that their eggs had been cleared away by the sea. The male Tittibha reassured her and guaranteed to recover her eggs. He thought for some time and after that called a get together of feathered creatures.

They all went together to their lord, Garuda.The male Tittibha begged him, “Ace! We were living gently at home. We never made any mischief the sea but then he has tormented me and my better half by taking ceaselessly our eggs. How might you give such a shamefulness a chance to transpire in your rule?”

Ruler Garuda additionally moved toward Lord Vishnu, the preserver of the world, and portrayed the entire episode to him. Ruler Vishnu promptly embarked to meet the sea, decked up in battling gear and requested the sea to restore the eggs of Tittibha winged animals. The sea was petrified to see Lord Vishnu and did not have any desire to bring about His anger. He instantly apologized to Him and restored the eggs.

Along these lines, a decided little fledgling could have his way with the compelling sea.

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