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The Photo of a Ghost

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By: Annonymous

This story started from a photo, alright how about we read the story. There were 2 individuals who were great companions named Ji Hyun and Yoo Na. Ji Hyun is dependably in the primary position and victor in every opposition existing ballet artist, and Yoo Na dependably wind up underneath, the second champ. One day they contend in rivalries other ballet performer and Yoo Na who constantly under Ji Hyun’s arrangement to kill her closest companion, Ji Hyun. So she arranged an arrangement to toxic substance Ji Hyun.

A couple days before the opposition begins, after Ji Hyun was discovered dead inside her room and professedly dedicated suicide, Yoo Na then spread the story may be discouraged by the opposition and chose to drinking poison. The general population trust the stories of Yoo Na since they are a decent organization.

Quickly after the passing of Ji Hyun, Yoona is presently dependably win each opposition and turn into the main ballet dancer. A period when Yoo Na on her way to alternate rivalries, abruptly the auto was hit and she was fell into a trance like state in the doctor’s facility. After some time she was in a trance like state, one day her folks came to visit him in the doctor’s facility and was stunned to discover Yoo Na moving in her room. Happy to see her child was cognizant and may even have the capacity to move, Yoo Na’s dad covertly took a few photos of the young lady before setting off to her room.

source Youtube

However, clearly, Yoona has not totally mended, she was just quickly oblivious and fell in a trance like state, this time it was not spared the young lady’s life. Her folks were extremely miserable when seeing their dearest girl for the last time before she was covered. After five years, her mom was dealing with her stuff of Yoo Na from her room who used to be the point at which she finds the camera and understood that there are some photographs that are not printed in the wake of taking a photo of her girl when they go to the clinic.

She then prints the photo and when she saw the outcomes, she was oblivious. Her Father then took a photo of it and was shocked to see the apparition of Ji Hyun was holding the hands and hair so that Yoo Na can move.

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