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The Possession of Hannah Grace: Movie Review

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Directed by – Diederik Van Rooijen

Produced by – Todd Garner, Sean Robins

Starring – Shay Mitchell , Grey Damon , Kirby Johnson , Stana Katic, Stana Katic, Nick Thune, Jacob Ming-Trent, Max McNamara, Louis Herthum


“Hannah Grace” starts with the title character (Kirby Johnson) experiencing a really standard motion picture expulsion. She’s fixing to a bed with ministers remaining over her, supplicating and sprinkling her with blessed water. The villain inside makes her squirm and twist while heaving despicable things. Seeing the slaughter and tumult she’s causing, her father (Louis Herthum) in the end says screw it, takes control of the circumstance and covers her face with a pad.

This is the place most motion pictures about evil ownership may end; here, it’s simply the begin. Since three months after the fact, Hannah’s body turns up at the funeral home on what simply happens to be the primary night of work for Megan, another admission partner. The aloof Megan is a previous cop doing combating evil presences and substance misuse issues; recently perfect, she seeks after a new beginning at … the funeral home. This is essentially all we think about this character, who’s at the focal point of the film. We know even less about the young lady who gives the film its title and fills in as its driving story constrain.

Some portion of the issue is that the tenets are vague. Now and then Hannah Grace slithers in a crablike way, her damaged and hard body making a crackcrackcrack commotion with each anxious development. Now and again, she strolls upstanding. Once in a while, she jumps forward or skitters up a divider. She can meddle with phone flags and electrical cables and move whole ambulances with only a slight push however squanders her time sticking around the healing facility—and holds up to exact her fierceness on Megan until the end.

We’d have no motion picture generally—and as may be, “Hannah Grace” is scarcely 85 minutes, with a completion so sudden that you’ll ponder whether you’ve missed something. Be that as it may, possibly we’d really have the capacity to perceive what’s happening in the outside world.

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