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The Power of a Rumour

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source youtube

This one is a decent story from the collection of Jataka Kathaye/ Tales. Some time ago, it happened in a backwoods that a rabbit was resting under a banyan tree. He had an instinct of fate and thought, “What might transpire, if the earth will break? “. Abruptly, he heard a bizarre striking sound. He said, “It’s happened, the earth is separating”. He bounced up and ran frantically without actually watching the course.

When he was going through the woodland, a rabbit saw him and asked, “What was the deal? Where are you going in such a rush? “. The Hare cried,” The earth is separating. You better run as well”. The second bunny ran so quick that he surpassed the first rabbit. As they were passing the woods, them two yelled to different rabbits, “The earth is separating. The earth is separating”. Before long, a great many bunnies were going through the woodland.
On seeing rabbits going through the backwoods, alternate creatures excessively got panicked. The news spread from mouth to mouth and soon, everybody came to realize that the earth was separating. It didn’t take much time before all the creatures joined the race. All animals whether reptiles or fledglings, bugs or four-footed creatures, everybody was attempting to escape and their cries of trepidation made tumult all around.

A lion remaining on a slope saw all the creatures running and thought,” What is the matter? “. He ran down the slope quickly and situated himself before the swarm. He yelled at them, “Stop! Stop! “. The capable vicinity of the lion diminished the rising wave of fear among the creatures. A parrot hollered, “The earth is separating”, landing on a stone close him. The Lion asked,” Who said it? “. The parrot answered, “I heard it from the monkeys”.

At the point when the monkeys were asked, they answered that they had heard it from the tigers. At the point when the tigers were asked, it was observed that they were educated by the elephants. The elephants told that the bison shaped their source. At long last, when the bunnies were made up for lost time, they directed one toward another until the one, who began this threat was perceived.

The Lion asked the rabbit, “What made you surmise that the earth is separating?” The bunny faltering in apprehension replied, “Your Majesty, I heard it splitting with my own ears”. The Lion researched the matter and investigated the sound that the bunny had listened. At last, he came to realize that the sound had been brought about by a substantial coconut tumbling from a tree. The coconut fell on a heap of rocks bringing about a minor avalanche.

The Lion said to all the creatures, ” Go back to your homes. The earth is completely protected. Next time onwards, check talk before following up on it”. The creatures, which were currently looking truly imbecilic, retreated to their homes.

Moral: Check the rumor before following up on it.

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