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The Price of Recklessness

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Ujjwalaka was a cart producer, who was exceptionally poor because of absence of requests for cart making.

One day, he was tired of his poor condition, and thought, “I grieve in this neediness, when all other individuals have some work or the other that pays them. I don’t have an appropriate home, or legitimate garments, or legitimate nourishment. There is no reason for remaining here; I might go elsewhere to look for achievement.”

source panchtantra.org
source panchtantra.org

In this way, the cart producer took his family and left the town. As he was experiencing the wilderness, he saw a female camel in torment.

He saw that the female camel was abandoned by a troop because of her work torments. He gave her water, and grass and she recouped. She additionally brought forth an infant camel.

Next morning, he took the camel and the child camel under his support, and took them to his home. This turned into the new home for the camels.

The camels were exceptionally cheerful. After some time, the child camel became taller, and the cart creator locingly tied a chime around the youthful camel’s neck.

He began offering the female camel’s drain, and the income were sufficient for him to bolster his family. He understood that this business was productive, and he didn’t require to look for any occupation.

One day, he said to his better half, “I can bolster the family by offering the drain of one camel. This calling is too simple, but then gainful. I might obtain some cash from a well off vendor and purchase another camel. Amid the time that I am gone, please take appropriate care of the camels.”

His significant other concurred with him, and he began the excursion. Following a couple days, he came back with a youthful camel. He was lucky, and inside a couple of years he possessed numerous camels. He even utilized a worker to take appropriate care of the camels. He would compensate the worker one child camel consistently.

Along these lines, the cart producer got to be distinctly rich, and drove a glad life. He dealt with the camels, and the more youthful ones, however his most loved camel was the infant camel who wore a ringer around his neck. The jingling sound she made, made the cart producer extremely upbeat.

Each evening, the camels would eat in the adjacent wilderness, and ate delicate grass. They would likewise drink water from a major lake, and shower and play amusements there. They would return before dusk.

The youthful camel that had a ringer around his neck dependably trailed behind the others. Because of this, alternate camels constantly prompted him to stay aware of them, leat he stray away and get lost. Regardless of various advices, scoldings, and notices, he stayed proud, and meandered about all alone. Being their lord’s top choice, he was pleased with himself.

One day, as the camels were brushing around, a lion came meandering. He was pulled in by the sound of the chime from a separation, and warily watched the gathering of camels. As he sat tight for a fortunate minute, he saw the youthful camels with ringer around his neck trailing behind and straying far from the gathering.

The lion tailed him, and overwhelmed the camel. Prior to the camel could raise his voice to alarm the others, the lion bounced on him and murdered him in a split second.

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