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The Proud Boy

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source youtube

There was before an exceptionally pleased kid. He generally strolled through the town with his eyes turned down and his hands in his pockets. The young men used to gaze at him, and say nothing; and when he was outside of anyone’s ability to see, they inhaled unreservedly. So the glad kid was forlorn, and would have had no companions out of entryways in the event that it had not been for two stray puppies, the green trees, and a group of geese upon the normal.
One day, just by the weaver’s bungalow, he met the tailor son. Presently the tailor son made more commotion than some other kid in the town, and when he had done anything incorrectly he adhered to it, and said he couldn’t have cared less; so the neighbors imagined that he was exceptionally overcome, and would do ponders when he came to take care of business, and some of them trusted he would be an awesome voyager, and stay long in far off grounds. At the point when the tailor son saw the glad kid he moved before him, and made confronts, and incited him woefully, until, finally, the pleased kid turned round and all of a sudden boxed the ears of the tailors on, and tossed his cap into the street. The tailor son was shocked, and, without holding up to get his cap, fled, and taking a seat in the craftsman’s yard, cried sharply. After a couple of minutes, the glad kid came to him and returned him his cap, saying pleasantly.

“There is no dust on it ; you demand to have your ears boxed, yet I am sorry I was so discourteous as to toss your cap on to the street.”

“I thought you were glad,” said the tailor son, surprised; “I didn’t think you’d say that I wouldn’t.”

“Maybe you are not glad?”

“No, I am definitely not.”

“Ok, that has any kind of effect,” said the glad kid, still all the more amenably. “When you are pleased, and have done a silly thing, you make a state of owning it.”

“At the same time, it takes a ton of bravery,” said the tailor son.

“Gracious, dear, no,” addressed the glad kid; “it just takes a ton of defeatism not to;” and afterward turning his eyes down once more, he delicately left.

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