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The Rabbits and the Elephants

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This is another decent story from the Hitopadesha accumulation. Quite a long time ago, there carried on a group of Elephants in a woods. A forceful Elephant by the name of Chaturdanta was their ruler. There was an enormous lake amidst the woods where all the creatures used to go to drink water and to wash up. When it so happened, that there was no downpour for the entire year and the lake went away. A large number of the winged animals and the creatures passed on of thirst. The Elephants got stressed that on the off chance that they didn’t get water soon a considerable lot of them would bite the dust of thirst.

The Elephants chose to take the matter to their lord, Chaturdanta. So they drew nearer their ruler and said, “You Majesty, as you most likely are aware there is no water in our timberland, a number of the flying creatures and creatures have passed on because of thirst. We oblige water to survive. In the event that we will stay here soon a hefty portion of us will bite the dust. We need to discover water as quickly as time permits”. The King Elephant considered the thought and requested that the Elephants go in distinctive bearings to discover water. Luckily, one of them discovered a huge lake brimming with water in another wilderness far away.

The King Elephant got happy to hear this news. He asked for each one of his followers to progress towards the lake. This lake was overflowing with water and never went dry paying little heed to the way that it didn’t rain. While in travel to this lake, there was a settlement of Rabbits. The Elephants expected to experience this settlement of Rabbits. An awesome numerous Rabbit got squashed under the considerable feet of the Elephants and a significant parcel of them got harmed. The Rabbits fled in apprehension. The condition was quitting any and all funny business, so the King of the Rabbits amassed up a meeting.

In the meeting, the King said,” A horde of Elephants is experiencing our area. They have butchered countless colleagues. We are in an essential need to avoid more passings. I require each one of you to consider a way to deal with extra our race”. All the Rabbits encountered a perspective. Unexpectedly, a little Rabbit decided a game plan and said to the King, “Your Majesty, if you will send me as your conveyance individual to the King of the Elephants, I may find a response for this issue”. The Rabbit King gave his backing to the idea. The little Rabbit rushed towards the lake.

When he saw the horde of Elephants returning from the lake, he comprehended that it was hard to draw near to them. By then he felt that in what capacity may he have the capacity to chat with the King of Elephants. Thusly, he rose a slant and hollered, “O, King of the Elephants. If its all the same to you listen to me”. On listening to the Rabbit’s voice, Chaturdanta stopped for quite a while and replied,” Who are you? From where have you come?” The clever Rabbit answered, “I am a diplomat sent to you by the Moon God”. The King of the Elephants said, “Why you have come here?”

The Rabbit answered, “Moon God has communicated something specific for you. An ambassador talks just truth. Kindly think about that as an ambassador is never rebuffed for what he needs to say. He is just doing his occupation so you should not be irate with me”. Chaturdanta affirmed him that he won’t be hurt in any capacity.

The little Rabbit said, “The Moon God is furious with you in light of the fact that you have conveyed your group to his heavenly lake and have bothered the peace. You have squashed a great many Rabbits to death while in transit to lake. Rabbits are under the exceptional security of Moon God. Since you have troubled the Moon God and his uncommon animals, he is to a great degree irritated with you and needs you to leave his kingdom immediately. If not, then you may confront unpleasant outcomes”.

The King Elephant was terrified to hear this message from the Moon God. He said, “You are correct. We have executed numerous rabbits on some way or another to the lake. All things considered that was done in obliviousness. I will see that you don’t endure any longer. I need to demand the Moon God to excuse me for my transgressions. If you don’t mind exhort me what I ought to do”. The Rabbit answered, “alright. I will take you to the Moon God. Pay your praise to the God and approach him to overlook you for the wrongdoing you have conferred. Accompanied me”.

Around evening time, the Rabbit drove the King of Elephants to the lake. Both, the Rabbit and the Elephant remained close to the bank of the lake. There they saw the reflected picture of the Moon in the still water. Simply then, a gentle wind blew aggravating the waters of the lake and the moon appeared to move forward and backward. At the point when Chaturdanta saw this, he suspected that the Moon God was truly irate with him. He bowed to the Moon God in frenzy. The Rabbit said, “Gracious Moon God, The King of Elephants has done a transgression in lack of awareness. Kindly forget him. He is taking ceaselessly his group from here and promising never to return”.

Startled Chaturdanta bowed at the end of the day to the Moon God and left the spot with his group instantly. What’s more, the Rabbits lived cheerfully in their settlement ever after.

Moral: Wit can win over strength.

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