The Sky Is Pink: Movie Review

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Directed by – Shonali Bose

Produced by –
Ronnie Screwvala, Siddharth Roy Kapur, Kilian Kerwin, Priyanka Chopra, Madhu Chopra

Starring –
Priyanka Chopra, Farhan Akhtar, Zaira Wasim

The film starts in Aisha Chaudhary’s (Zaira Wasim) energetic voiceover where she uncovers that she’s dead. “Get over it. It’s very cool really,” she lets us know before guiding the point towards her parent’s sexual coexistence – Aditi Chaudhary (Priyanka Chopra) and Niren Chaudhary (Farhan Akhtar). She affectionately calls them, her ‘Moose’ and ‘Panda’.

In a non-direct style of narrating, the portrayal hops starting with one timetable then onto the next uncovering Aditi-Niren’s romantic tale, how Aisha was brought into the world with Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID) because of a flawed quality in her folks (‘Baad mein google kar lena, Aisha brazenly lets us know while revealing the reason for her short life expectancy). In a lamentable unforeseen development, the Chaudharys had recently lost their firstborn Tanya to a similar issue. Be that as it may, their child Ishaan (later played by Rohit Saraf) marvelously isn’t influenced by this perilous malady. Resolved to spare Aisha’s life, the working class couple goes to London where they attempt to raise assets for her treatment. At a certain point, their marriage even comes full circle into a long-separation relationship where Aditi and Aisha live in London for the last’s treatment though Niren and Ishaan come back to their home in Delhi. After a fruitful bone marrow transplant, Aisha recoups completely and the Chaudharys come back to India.

Yet, as is commonly said, every beneficial thing arrive at an end. Aisha creates pneumonic fibrosis as a symptom of her chemotherapy, in her high school years. Sadly, this time, her days are tallied. In the mean time, Niren and Aditi attempt each stunt in the book to spare their kid from the grip of death.

This Priyanka Chopra-Farhan Akhtar starrer isn’t just about Aisha’s fight with a savage infection. It likewise perfectly catches its fallout and how one attempts to adapt to sorrow and misfortune in their own particular manner. ‘The Sky Is Pink’ has a place with Aditi-Naren’s romantic tale also. It discusses how love and mental fortitude props one up in intense occasions.

With respect to the exhibitions, Priyanka Chopra pulls at your heartstrings as Aditi Chaudhary. Be it as a young lady who strongly sentiments her sweetheart with a protective cap on her head, a cool mother who attempts to fix a date for her girl with her squash or as a mother who is prepared to do anything just to expedite a grin her sickly little girl’s face, the on-screen character nails each shade and leaves you powerful intrigued.

In one of the powerful scenes in the film when a little Ishaan describes to her mom on a telephone call about getting reprimanded by his teacher for shading the sky pink, the last rapidly lets him know, “If according to you, the color of your sky is pink, so be it. That’s your choice for your sky. Don’t let anyone change it.” After putting down the recipient, she breaks into tears in the telephone corner. This basic scene shows you a great deal about existence. It causes you to understand that you must be at your most grounded when you are feeling at your weakest.

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