The Soup of the Soup – Mulla Nasruddin Story

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The popularity of Mullah Nasruddin had spread far and wide and individuals were quick to meet him. One such individual chose to visit him, conveying a major crate of crisp vegetables from his ranch as a blessing.

Satisfied by the regard appeared to him and the liberality of his guest, Mullah requested that he feast at home and welcomed him to remain as a visitor for the evening.

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The guest came back to his town well-encouraged and well-refreshed. He educated every one of his neighbors concerning the friendliness of the popular Mullah Nasruddin.

A couple of days after the fact, there was a thump at Mullah’s entryway and a couple remained outside. When asked what their identity was, they answered with huge grins, “Goodness extraordinary sir! We found out about your distinction from our neighbor – the man who visited you conveying the huge crate of vegetables! We knew about your accommodation and needed to visit you for ourselves.”

Complimented by the majority of the compliments, Mullah welcomed the couple to remain for supper and bolstered them an extravagant dinner. He likewise welcomed them to remain as his visitors for the evening. They left the following day, satisfied and glad.

After seven days, a gathering of individuals showed up at his entryway. They stated, “We heard about your magnificent liberality from our companions! We are the’s neighbors of the man who presented to you the enormous container of vegetables.”

Mullah understood all his neighborliness was being exploited and it needed to stop. With a grin all over, he welcomed the new arrangement of visitors into his home, offering them supper.

The guests happily plunked down to eat Mullah’s notorious home-prepared dinner. Their mouths fell open with a stun when Mullah set a bowl of high temp water before every last one of them.

“Gracious visitor, it would be ideal if you start! This is the soup of the soup of the vegetables your neighbor gave me!”

The visitors unobtrusively went out, while Mullah grinned to himself.

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