The Story of A Family of Crows and A wicked Cobra

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source youtube

On a gigantic tree in a timberland, carried on a couple of crows. A dark cobra lived in the empty of the same tree.

At whatever point the crows had youthful feathered creatures, he would gobble them up.

One day, the female crow why should about get children, said to her spouse, “My dear, please release us far from here. I’m sure the dark cobra will eat my kids once more.”
“Try not to be apprehensive!” said her spouse. “I’m not going to endure him any more.”

“In any case, in what capacity would you be able to battle him? He is so solid!” she said.

“I am keen,” answered the male crow, “so I am stronger.”

“All things considered, would I be able to do anything to help?” asked the female crow.

“Yes, you can,” said her spouse. “Hear me out precisely. Consistently the lord comes to bathe in the lake adjacent. He evacuates his gold accessory and abandons it at the edge of the lake, while he washes.

You must get the jewelry and drop it before the empty of our tree, where the dark cobra lives.

At the point when the workers of the ruler tail you to recoup it, they will unquestionably see the dark cobra and murder him.”

Thus the female crow did precisely as her mate had proposed.

The lord’s hirelings pursued the female crow who keenly dropped the neckband before the empty of the tree.

At the point when the workers touched base at the spot, they saw the dark cobra and executed him.

Without a doubt, what the shrewd say is correct, that what can’t be accomplished by power can be attained to through shrewdness.

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