The Story of A Washerman, A Donkey and A Dog

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source youtube

Quite a long time ago, there carried on a Washerman in a town. He had kept a jackass and a pooch to serve as his pets. The Dog used to protect his expert’s home and escort him wherever he went. The Donkey used to convey pile of garments on his back forward and backward the stream. Them two rested in the washerman’s yard. Like this, they were driving their life under the kind haven of the Washerman.
On one disastrous night, when everybody was resting, a cheat figured out how to get into the house. Indeed, even in the wake of seeing the cheat, the Dog didn’t bark. At the point when the Donkey saw the cheat going into the house, he asked the Dog, “Dear Friend, Didn’t you see that a hoodlum had gone into the house? Why not bark to alert our expert?”

The Dog replied, “Tend to your own particular personal concerns. Try not to converse with me about my obligations; I know how to monitor my expert. I have been guarding this house for long, however ace couldn’t care less for me. From the previous couple of days, he doesn’t even encourage me appropriately. He doesn’t know my value. I won’t wake him up. At the point when this criminal will take resources from his home then just he will perceive my significance”.

The Donkey irritatingly said, “You trick! This is not the time to grumble. This is the time for activity. Be quick and do something to awaken expert”. The Dog answered indignantly, “No. As he couldn’t care less for me even I wont nurture him”. The Donkey yelled, “O evil animal, you are brimming with selfishness towards your expert. You are overlooking your obligation exactly when you’re obliged most. Fine, I will do your obligation and wake him up”.

Thus, the Donkey bawled as loud as possible which made the washerman to wake up. The cheat rapidly fled from the scene. The Washerman glanced around yet could discover anybody. He got angry at the Donkey who had bothered his slumber. The Washerman whipped the poor Donkey with a stick. The Donkey was left with torment for quite a long time.

Moral: It is constantly better to tend to your own particular personal concerns.

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