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The Story of An Old Tiger and A Greedy Traveler

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Some time ago, there carried on a Tiger in a backwoods. With the passing years, he got to be so old it would be impossible chase. One day, the Tiger was strolling by the side of a lake and all of a sudden, a gold bangle ran over his sight. Rapidly he got the bangle and believed that he could utilize it as a charm to catch somebody. As he was under the point of view, a voyager happened to go through the inverse side of the lake.

The Tiger in a split second contemplated internally, “What a tasty supper he would make?” He arranged a plan to pull in the explorer. He held the bangle in his paw making it obvious to the explorer and said, “Might you want to take this gold bangle. I don’t oblige it”. Immediately, the voyager needed to take the bangle, however he dithered to go close to the Tiger. He realized that it was hazardous, yet he looked for the Gold Bangle. He wanted to be wary, so he asked the Tiger, “In what manner would I be able to trust you? I know you are a monster and would murder me”.

The Clever Tiger honestly said, “Listen Traveler, in my childhood, I was evil verifiably, yet now I have changed myself. With the exhortation of a Sanyasi, I have left all shrewdness. Presently I am isolated in this world and have connected with myself in kind deeds. Besides, I have developed old. I have no teeth and my hooks are obtuse. Along these lines, there is no compelling reason to trepidation from me”. The explorer’s was taken in by this brilliant talk and his adoration for gold soon conquered his apprehension of the Tiger. He bounced into the lake to wade over the Tiger.

In any case, according to the arrangement of the Tiger, he got caught in the swamp. On seeing this, the Tiger comforted him and said, “Gracious! You require not stress. I’ll help you”. Bit by bit he came towards the voyager and seized him. As the explorer was being dragged out, onto the bank, he contemplated internally, “Goodness! This present brute’s discussion of pious took me in completely. A monster is dependably a mammoth. If I had not let my voracity beat my reason, I could be alive”. Be that as it may, it was past the point of no return; the Tiger murdered the explorer and gobbled him up. Like this, the voyager got to be casualty of covetousness and Tiger was effective in his insidious arrangement.

Moral: Greed never goes unpunished.

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