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The Sultan’s Wish – Tenali Rama Story

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When, Raja Krishnadeva Rayalu was welcomed by Adil Shah, the Sultan of Delhi to settle the progressing strife that was going ahead between the two areas.

Wanting to avert pointless gore and re-build up peace, Rayalu set out toward Delhi with his group of writers, artists and researchers. At Delhi, Adil Shah gave a celebrity main street welcome to Rayalu. Amid the agreeable rounds of dialogs, Krishnadeva Rayalu’s artists recounted a few successions from the epic Mahabharat. Adil Shah was massively inspired to hear the verses from the epic and asked for Rayalu to make his men modify the Mahabharat, depicting him and his companions as Pandavas and his opponents as Kauravas.

Lord Krishnadeva Rai was stunned to hear such a peculiar interest from the Sultan.

He was concerned that if his men neglected to take care of the Sultan’s demand, he may pronounce a war on Vijaya Nagar. Seeing his ruler stressed, Tenaliram guaranteed him to handle the circumstance in the most judicious way that is available. The lord was sure that Tenaliram would adapt to the complex situation

astutely, and thus he conceded him the consent to manage the Delhi Sultan straightforwardly.

Next morning, Tenaliram looked for consent to meet the Sultan in private. He introduced himself before the Sultan and asked for him with collapsed hands, “His Highness! It was our pleasure to think about your enthusiasm for our old writings. The best of our scholars and artists are caught up with making the new Mahabharat, yet there is one spot where we have adhered and wish to look for your direction.”

The Sultan said, “Talk up, writer! What do you longing of me?”

Tenaliram said, “Jahanpanah! You are being depicted as Dharmaraja, eldest of Pandavas and your companions as Bheema, Arjuna, Nakula and Sahadeva. Be that as it may, as you probably are aware all the five were hitched to Draupadi and were sharing her similarly. Who, amongst the illustrious family, ought to be portrayed as her?”

The Sultan unquestionably did not need his imperial Begum to be likened with Draupadi and henceforth, requested Tenaliram to stop re-composing the Mahabharata with quick impact.

Everybody including Rayalu welcomed the sharp insight and nearness of psyche that Tenaliram had shown in taking care of an extreme issue simply like that.


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