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The Temple of Bull

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photo via wikipedia
photo via wikipedia

Bull Temple is a religious hallowed place that is remarkable in itself. Situated in Basavangudi, the Temple is situated at the southern end of Bull Temple Road in Bangalore. The expression “Basavangudi” is gotten from the word ‘Basava’, which signifies ‘Bull’. The uncommon fascination of the sanctuary is a titanic picture of bull. The sanctuary is said to have been worked by Kempe Gowda in 1537 A.D. Roosted at the highest point of Bungle Hill, Bull Temple is effectively open from the city of Bangalore through nearby transports, auto-rickshaws and taxicabs.

Location: In Basavangudi, at Bull Temple Road in Bangalore, Karnataka
Built by: Kempe Gowda
Built in: 1537AD
Dedicated to: Lord Shiva
Attraction: 5 meter tall bull
How to reach: One can easily reach Bull Temple by taking local Buses, auto rickshaws or by hiring taxis from Bangalore

Nandi – the Bull

The sanctuary brags of an enormous picture of Nandi (bull) that recognizes the mount of Lord Shiva. The mammoth picture stretches out to 5 meters in tallness and 6 meters in its length. The solid bull is accepted to be much more established than the sanctuary itself. The picture of “Nandi” has been made out of a solitary rock stone. At first, the shade of the bull was dim and bit by bit, it turned dark as fans apply coconut oil to it. According to the expressions, the stream Vishwa Bharathi begins from the feet of ‘Nandi, the bull.

Behind this colossal picture, there is a Shiva lingam. Like the majority of alternate sanctuaries of India, Bull Temple likewise has a story behind its foundation. It is trusted that the sanctuary was built to conciliate a bull, who attempted to bite away the whole groundnut developed in the fields close-by. It is additionally believed that the statue continues developing in size further and further. One can see a trident on the temple of the bull. It is said that the trident was set here according to the educate concerning Lord Shiva, to keep the bull from becoming further.

photo via wikipedia
photo via wikipedia

The engineering style of the sanctuary restores the thought of Dravidian design. In the region of this sanctuary, there is a hallowed place of Lord Ganesha by the name of Dodda Ganesha Temple. The extraordinary element about this holy place is that the tremendous picture of the Lord is made out of 110 kilograms of spread after at regular intervals. It is stunning to realize that the margarine never softens. After like clockwork, the spread god is broken and dispersed amongst the aficionados.

photo via wikipedia
photo via wikipedia


Bull Temple watches a Kadalekaye Parishe (Groundnut Fair) each year. It is held in the month of November or December. In the function, the ranchers offer their first reap of groundnut to Nandi. It is somewhat rancher’s gratefulness and appreciation towards the Bull, Nandi. The sheer size of the Bull pulls in individuals from far and close to this holy place of religious criticalness.

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