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The Three Dolls – Tenali Raman Story

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The colossal ruler Krishna Deva Raya had a considerable measure of savvy serves in his court. The smartest of them was Tenali Rama. One day, a trader went to the ruler’s court from a remote kingdom. He saluted the ruler and after that stated, “Your Majesty, I have gotten notification from many individuals that you have extremely shrewd priests in your court.

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However, with your authorization, I might want to test the insight of your priests.” This excited the lord’s advantage and he gave the dealer his consent. The shipper gave the lord three dolls that seemed to be indistinguishable. He stated, “However these dolls appear to be comparative, they are diverse somehow. On the off chance that your priests can discover the distinction, I will bow to their shrewdness. However, in the event that they can’t, I will accept that there are no astute priests in your court. I will return in thirty days for the appropriate response.”

The lord solicited all from his clergymen with the exception of Tenali Rama to gather. He gave them the three dolls and instructed them to discover the distinction in them in three days’ chance. Be that as it may, toward the finish of three days, none of the pastors could make sense of the distinction. The ruler got stressed and called Tenali Rama.

He said to him, “Tenali, I didn’t summon you before on the grounds that I imagined that this issue will be excessively basic. Be that as it may, since nobody has possessed the capacity to discover the arrangement, it is dependent upon you now. Discover the distinction between these dolls.” Tenali took the three dolls and left.

The issue demonstrated troublesome for Tenali as well, yet finally, after a great deal of exertion, he made sense of the distinction. He went to the court with the three dolls on the day that the shipper needed to return. At that point, he declared before the entire court that he had discovered the distinction between the dolls. He stated, “These three dolls are distinctive in light of the fact that one of them is great, one normal and one terrible.”

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When everybody asked Tenali that which doll was which, he demonstrated to them a modest opening that was available in the ears of each of the dolls. At that point, he took a thin wire and place it in the opening of the principal doll’s ear. The wire turned out from the doll’s mouth. He did likewise with the second doll and the wire turned out from the doll’s other ear. In the third doll, the wire went to the heart and did not turn out.

Tenali Rama clarified, “In the primary doll, the wire went in through the ear and turned out through the mouth. In this way, this doll is awful as it speaks to individuals who can’t keep a mystery. In the second doll, the wire left the other ear. Along these lines, it is normal and speaks to safe individuals who don’t comprehend what is said to them. The third doll, in which the wire went to the heart and did not turn out, speaks to great individuals who will keep the mystery that you let them know.”

The ruler, the dealer and every one of the retainers were extremely awed with Tenali’s savvy reply. At that point Tenali stated, “However there can be another clarification as well. The principal doll speaks to individuals who pick up learning and spread it among others, so it is great. The second doll speaks to individuals who don’t comprehend what they are educated, so it is normal. The third doll speaks to individuals who have information yet remain quiet about it all. They don’t show anybody anything thus they are awful individuals.

The ruler was significantly more inspired. He asked, “Can there be whatever other clarification?” Can you think about a third clarification to answer the ruler?

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