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The Three Fishes

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photo via youtube
photo via youtube

At some point in the inaccessible past, three fishes lived in a lake.

One day, a couple of fishermen passed by the lake. They said to each other, “We’ll come here tomorrow morning and catch all the fish.”

On listening to this, one of the fishes said, “I am made a beeline for another lake,” and swam away through a trench to another lake.

The other fish said, “How might I know what’s going to happen tomorrow? When I see risk, I’ll face it.”

“Why inconvenience!” said the third fish. “What will be, will be.”

The going with morning the fishermen arrived there and cast their net.

The second fish was gotten in the net and put on a show to be dead.

Essentially as she would be gotten from the net, she gathered everything that is in her together and skiped at the end of the day into the water and swam away to security.

The third fish was gotten in the net and butchered by the fishermen.

When they had gone, the second fish, however sad for her partner, felt substance to be alive and considered inside, “It’s a mistake to leave things to chance. At the main sign of risk, one must exhibit quickly.

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