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The True Reward: A Vikram Betaal Story

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King Vikram was on his main goal to get Betaal for the savvy looking for mysterious forces. It was a dim moonless night and it was raining irregularly. The main wellspring of light was sporadic flashes of lightning. Making the environment more creepy, were the wails of jackals. King Vikram was unaware of his environment and concentrated just on his point of doing the savvy’s desire. He mounted Betaal on his shoulders and began strolling towards the incineration ground, where the sage was sitting tight for him. When ruler Vikram ventured out, began another of his stories.

The story was this way: Many years back, King Chandradeep led over Kanchannagar. He had a lovely little girl named Indumati. Being the main tyke, the princess was raised like a kid, and given preparing in the utilization of weapons and fighting. The sovereigns of a significant number of the neighboring kingdoms desired to wed Indumati.

At the point when Indumati came to an eligible age,her father began searching for an appropriate husband for her. Indumati put a condition before his dad that she would just wed the suitor who might clear every one of the tests given by her. The king happily concurred, yet when he saw the rundown of the tests that Indumati had intended for the suitors, he was shocked. The greater part of the tests were amazingly risky and perilous. He said to the princess that nobody would chance his life and show up for such troublesome tests. Be that as it may, Indumati was determined on having those tests just for the suitors. She imagined that the person who genuinely cherished her, would absolutely clear every one of the tests.

Also, along these lines, an illustrious declaration about the princess wedding was made and the suitors would need to take certain tests. This declaration was made in all the neighboring kingdoms too.

A youthful impeded man named Kurupshana from Jayanagar heard it. His mom had passed on not long after his introduction to the world. His dad had remarried and his stepmother loathed him. She abuseed him and called him useful to no end on account of his cripple.

Kurupshana chose to go to Kanchannagar. Numerous sovereigns were assembled there to hear out the points of interest of the tests. The ruler’s clergyman came and reported, “Dear all, as you realize that you might be qualified to win the hand of our princess on the off chance that you clear every one of the tests that she has laid out for you. The principal test is that you need to climb the twenty feet divider and hop down into the three-layered enclosure of sharp blades. The essential thing is, at the same time, you should not harm yourself. There ought not be a solitary scratch on your body from the sharp edges of the blades. At that point just, you would be qualified for the following level.”

At the point when the suitors observed the high divider and the thin space between the sharp blades, every one of them withdrew back to their seats. None of them challenged even to make an endeavor. It looked as if no suitor was eager to take the test. The king lamented that his little girl had not acknowledged his recommendation.

Kurupshana was observing this from his seat. He thought as it everyone viewed him as a futile fellow,so regardless of the possibility that he kicks the bucket while endeavoring the trick, it would not be anyone’s misfortune. He strolled up to King Chandradeep and communicated his want to show up for the test. The ruler and the princess’ heart sank when they saw that an appalling and incapacitated man was setting out to endeavor the trick and pondered what they would do on the off chance that he truly figured out how to clear the test effectively. The ruler reluctantly allowed authorization to Kurupshana.

Kurupshana went up the divider, investigated the levels of blades and hopped down. He arrived between the blades without getting even the scarcest wound on his body. He at that point strolled towards the king and the princess and said “His Majesty! Kindly don’t stress. I may have cleared the test, yet I don’t wish to wed the princess. I just needed to take the test and now I realize that I have prevailing with regards to doing what the others couldn’t do. That in itself is a major reward and I would now be able to confront life.” He modestly bowed down before the king and left for home.

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Betaal finished his story and asked Vikramaditya “King! Wouldn’t you say that Kurupshana carried on like a trick? On the off chance that he had no aim of wedding the princess, why did he choose to experience the test?” And in the wake of having prevailing in the test, why did he not have any desire to wed her?

Vikram answered, “Kurupshana was an impaired young fellow. He knew his incapacitate annoyed his stepmother. He longed that she changed her sentiment about him. He could now disclose to her that where individuals with no impair had fizzled, he turned out as a victor, in spite of his incapacitate. He didn’t experience the test with the expectation of wedding the princess.” King Vikram additionally included, “Kurupshana likewise realized that on the off chance that he wedded her, he would one day need to steer of the kingdom. Be that as it may, as a ruler, he would not be capable even grasp a sword and secure his kingdom. In this way, it would not be an insightful choice for him to wed her. That is the reason he obligingly declined to wed the princess. He was without a doubt an exceptionally shrewd individual, not a trick.”

Betaal realized that the ruler will find the solution, so he flew back to the antiquated tree conveying the body alongside him. Vikramaditya drew his sword and followed Betaal.

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