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The Two Headed Weaver

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source youtube

Some time ago, there was a weaver by the name Mantharaka. One day when he was weaving the fabric, the wooden edges of his weaver broke. He took a hatchet and went to the woods to acquire wood request to make new edges. He went round the woodland yet didn’t locate the sufficient wood for the casings. From the backwoods, he floated towards the seashore where he saw a gigantic tree. He felt that in the event that he could cut wood from the tree, he would have enough wood for all casings and would stay for the duration of his life.
As the weaver raised his hatchet to cut the tree, a soul living on that tree said, “O weaver, this tree is my home and it must be saved in any occasion, on the grounds that it keeps my body from the cool wind which originates from the ocean”. Mandharaka said, “Sir, in the event that I don’t cut the tree and take its wood home, then my family will starve and pass on. Along these lines, please go some place else as I need to cut this tree.”

The soul replied, “On the off chance that you don’t cut the tree, I will issue you a shelter of your decision”. The weaver said,” Sir, all things considered, I will go home and ask my wife and companions. When I will return, you must issue me what I request”.

The soul consented to it and the weaver returned home with euphoria. While returning to the city, he met his companion, the hair stylist and said,” Friend, a soul has issued me a help of my decision and issued personal time to counsel companions and my wife. Let me know what I ought to request from him”. The hair stylist answered, “My dear companion, request a kingdom where you could be the ruler and I would be your Prime Minister. You would be having a royal residence, where we can appreciate the joys of this world. Like this, the two of us can appreciate life here and from now on”.

Mantharaka said, “Genuine. Anyway, give me a chance to ask my wife as well”. The stylist said,” A savvy man ought to never approach ladies for exhortation. He can give a lady sustenance, garments, adornments or more all the obligations of marriage, however ought to never request their recommendation. As ladies think just about their own particular advantage and they have low minds.” The weaver answered, “Despite the fact that this is genuine, still I would counsel my wife, as she is my better half.”

After this, the weaver rapidly went to his home and portrayed the entire story of the soul and his aid to his wife. He likewise advised her that his companion, the stylist had prompted him to request a kingdom. His wife said, “O my master, what do hair stylist gets it? No insightful man would counsel kids or stylists or hirelings or bums. A lord’s life is loaded with hardships. He is constantly stressed over kinships, hostilities, wars, hirelings, resistance collusions, and trickery. He never gets a minute’s rest on the grounds that any individual who administers scarcely gets whenever. The same holder that is utilized for solace can likewise be utilized to pour out misfortune. Never begrudge the life of a ruler.”

The weaver said, “You are correct. At the same time, you haven’t let me know what help I ought to pick”. She replied,” Every day you have the capacity to weave a solitary bit of fabric which is scarcely enough to meet our every day needs. You ought to request another pair of arms and another head so you can chip away at two bits of fabric without a moment’s delay, one before you, and one behind you. The principal piece will help us meet our day by day needs. The second one will help us address extraordinary issues. Subsequently, we can cruise our life agreeably and cheerfully.”

In the wake of listening to his wife, he said,” You are a dedicated wife and you have talked well. I will do what you have proposed.” The weaver joyfully went to the soul and said, “Sir, you have sympathetic issued me a decision. I ask for you to issue me two more hands and an additional head.” He had barely talked before he was two-headed and four-equipped. Celebrated, he started his back home excursion. Individuals in transit saw him and considered him as a sort of evil presence. They pounded him with stones and sticks. The poor weaver passed on at the spot.

Moral: One who has no minds of one’s own will die.

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