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The Two Thieves – Tenali Raman Story

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One summer night, when Tenali Raman and his better half were going to rest, he heard a stirring sound of leaves originating from outside.

There was not even a scarcest breeze blowing at the time, so he assumed that there were some hoodlums covering up in the brambles. He assumed that they should plan to victimize his home in the night.

He thought of an arrangement and said to his better half, “My dear, I have heard that some famous hoodlums are free to move around at will in our neighborhood. Thus, we should shroud all the gems and cash that we have in the well.

Somewhat later, Tenali Raman and his significant other left the house conveying a major trunk, and dropped it into the well. At that point they backpedaled inside the house, and put on a show to be sleeping.

The criminals sat tight for some time and after that began drawing water from the well.

They wanted to discharge the well and get the fortune. The cheats continued drawing out water the whole night. Towards dawn, they figured out how to haul out the storage compartment, and when they opened it, they were to a great degree stunned and disillusioned to see just some enormous stones in it.

source youtube

They comprehended that it was Tenali Raman’s arrangement to defeat them. Simply then, Tenali Raman left his home and stated, “Thank you companions, for watering my plants. I should pay you for your work.”

Hearing this, the hoodlums fell at Tenali’s feet for pardoning. They guaranteed not to take or ransack anybody until kingdom come. Tenali chooses to release them.

Moral of the Story – Keeping cool and utilizing your mind in critical circumstances can help you escape them.

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