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The Visitor

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By Annonymous


This direct story occurred in 1996 in my introduction to the world town, Mariveles, Bataan, Philippines when I was only 10 years of age. It happened over two decades back however I can in any case strikingly recall everything that happened. Allows simply say I have a type of “additional” sense for something that not all individuals can see, hear or feel. So here’s one of my numerous accounts.

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It was a stormy Sunday evening. Our old house, before it was torn down and supplanted by a solid one where my folks and my more youthful sister inhabit today, was a Spanish-style two-story house. It has all the wooden boards and the notable Capiz-ornamented windows. My grandparents had their room on the main floor and our own were at the second. I share the live with my folks and my bed was put just adjacent to a gigantic window which when opened, can let all the sun (or the rain) in.

I simply completed the process of doing homework then so I chose to go to our room and unwind on my bed. I kept every one of my things and got my recently purchased funnies and went upstairs. As I climb the last couple of ventures of the sparkly wooden chunks, I saw somebody clearing the floor. Indeed, I didn’t really observed it’s identity since the body was hindered by the window ornament that partitions the lounge room and the kitchen. As I was going to complete my climb, the broad movement ceased as though the individual doing it at long last observed me. I accepted it was my mother since that was the main consistent thing I can consider in light of the fact that I realize that I exited grandmother ground floor and my father was keeping an eye on our little comfort store.

My grandpa passed away when I was 8. “Mother, kwarto po muna ako” (Mom, I’ll simply be in our room), I advised her. There was no reaction yet the broad continued. I contemplated internally, “Quietness implies OK, right?”, so I recently let that pass and went straight to our room. Onto my fifth page, I all of a sudden felt something extremely odd. A chilly breeze blew all over from the window. I felt frightened so I went out to see my mother. I saw the floor brush as yet clearing a similar spot I exited it. I could likewise observe that somebody is holding it since the shade moves as somebody would always knock to it while clearing the floor. So I called once more, “Mother, tara dito sa kwarto.” (Mom, it would be ideal if you come inside the room.) The broad proceeds yet at the same time no reaction. There was a creepy quiet.

All of a sudden, the breeze blew behind the window ornament uncovering just the sweeper clearing the floor without anyone else! Nobody was holding it! I solidified. My battle or flight reaction began to kick in. I need to run ground floor however my legs won’t move. I know I should yell however I think, whoever is making that floor brush move may abruptly show up and who comprehends what else it can do! So I was stuck on the spot taking a gander at the floor brush. And afterward it dropped on the floor! I figured out how to pivot energetically and run ground floor. It had like ten stages and I think it just took me two to achieve the base. I run straight to grandmother and revealed to her what happened. She requesting that I unwind and take a seat and after a couple of tastes of water from the container that she gave, she said it was a “Namamahay”, a uninvited guest that as a rule do no damage to individuals. Those “substances” think they are alive so they do every one of the things they did when they were still fragile living creature and blood.

source youtube

Grandmother accounts that she likewise had been hearing somebody doing the dishes in the small long stretches of the night and afterward she can hear and see the lights turning on somewhere in the range of 2 and 4 toward the beginning of the day. As I hear her out sweet voice, my mother turned out from the rest room and inquired as to whether I am finished with my homework.

I realize that experience is only the beginning of a ton of unworldly things that will happen. Furthermore, beyond any doubt enough, all kind of things began to rise. Were each one of those things genuine? Or on the other hand would it say it was only an aftereffect of a youngster’s inventive creative energy?

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