The Weight Lifter – Tenali Raman Story

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At some point, Tenali Raman and his significant other were en route to Hampi. They halted at a town while in transit to rest and drink water and found the whole town had assembled to watch a weightlifter who was putting on an exhibition. With his huge arms and swelling muscles, he got a 200 kg pack of rice easily.

Tenali was dazzled and shouted, “You are solid! Look how effectively you lifted that sack! Be that as it may, I can hold up something heavier! I will convey this slope on my uncovered shoulders!”

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“To what extent did it take you to get ready?”, Tenali asked the weightlifter.

To which he answered, “3 months of diligent work!”

“Since I will convey a heavier weight, I will require a half year to plan!”, broadcasted Tenali. “Furthermore, to enable me to set i up, will require an agreeable spot to remain, supporting nourishment to eat and day by day kneads!”

Anxious to see Tenali play out this accomplishment, the townspeople consented to have him and his better half. Every day, he was being brought nourishment and given back rubs. Tenali and his better half went through a half year living in extravagance while being tended to in every way under the sun.

At the point when the day at long last showed up, the whole town assembled at the base of the slope, holding on to perceive what Tenali would do. Tenali remained by the town boss and stated, “Well, offer it to me, at that point?”

“Give you what?”, the boss asked, looking confounded. “You should get the slope!”

“I never said I would get the slope, I said I would convey it on my shoulders. Do you not have somebody who can lift it up and place it on my shoulders?”

The town boss started to snicker as he understood what Tenali had done. “I bow down to you and your insight. A man of your mind and keenness ought not be approached to convey such a modest slope!”

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