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The Wind and the Moon

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Sometime in the distant past, there experienced two companions in the shade of a stone. It would sound interesting, however one of them was a lion and the other was a tiger. They were companions subsequent to their youth. They knew one another from the time, when they were so little it was not possible comprehend the distinction between the lions and the tigers. In this manner, their fellowship was not in any way odd to them.
Besides, the a piece of the mountain under which they lived was serene; it could be because of the vicinity of a minister who lived under the same rock. He was a recluse, one who lives far from common issues. One day, the two companions got into a dumb contention for some obscure reason. The Tiger said,” Everyone realizes that frosty comes when the moon diminishes from full to new”. The Lion said, “You are a doltish individual. From where did you hear such babble? Everybody realizes that cool comes when the moon increments from new to full”.

The contention between them got to be stronger and stronger. Them two were firm at their own sentiment. They couldn’t touch base at any conclusion to determine the developing contradiction. They even began calling sick names to one another. All of a sudden, they suspected that like this they would lose their companionship. Finally, they chose to go and ask the scholarly friar, who might certainly think about the genuine answer.

Them two went together to the serene minister and bowed deferentially before him. The recluse approached them the purpose behind their sudden landing. They put their inquiry to him and said, “Sir, no one but you can reply to this tricky inquiry”. The loner thought for some time and said, “It can be frosty in any period of the moon, from new to full and back to new once more. It is the wind that brings the chilly, whether from west or north or east. Subsequently, both of you are correct and neither of you is crushed by the other”.

The loner additionally said, “Both of you impart solid kinship since your adolescence. It is bad to get into contentions and consider partition. The most essential thing is to live without clash, to stay united. Solidarity is best by all methods”. The Lion and the Tiger comprehended the message of the astute friar. They said thanks to him for the kind recommendation given by him. Them two lived joyfully from there on as great companions.

Moral: Weather comes and climate goes, however kinship remains.

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