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Thousand Gold Coins: Tenali Raman Story

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Quite a while back, there carried on a delightful lady called Vidyullatha in Vijayanagar. She was a scholarly woman who was expert in all classifications of expressive arts.

One day, in view of her pride and pomposity about her capacities, she put an accumulating outside her home that stated, “A reward of one thousand gold coins would be displayed to the individuals who might have the capacity to overcome me in silliness, mind and information of old writings.”

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This turned into an issue of renown for every one of the researchers in the area. A significant number of them responded to the call and attempted to overcome Vidyullatha in the war of words, yet none succeeded.

Days passed this way. One morning, a seller happened to go by her home offering firewood. The man was yelling as loud as possible, “Firewood ..strong firewood… .Who needs my solid and durable firewood?”

The merchant had a high pitched voice and was yelling consistently which chafed Vidyullatha. She raged out of the house and called the seller, “Gracious merchant! Come here! I will purchase your firewood. Simply reveal to me what amount do you need for it, yet please quit yelling.”

The seller answered, “Madam, I won’t offer this for cash. On the off chance that you can give me a modest bunch grain I will promptly give all of you the firewood that I have.”

Vidyullatha guaranteed him to give what he needed and requested him to dump the heap in the terrace.

The merchant stated, “I require a modest bunch of grain, Madam. Have you comprehended me obviously?”

Vidyulltha hollered at the seller, “You are asking me regardless of whether I have comprehended what a modest bunch of grains mean? I am the most learned woman in the whole region! I recognize what you need. Presently quit contending and put this firewood in the terrace.”

The steady seller stated, “Madam, I feel sorry for you! You truly don’t realize what I need. On the off chance that you can’t pay the value, you should pay me one thousand gold coins and wipe the welcome storing on the compound divider.”

Vidyullatha was chafed. She asked indignantly, “What gibberish would you say you are stating?”

The merchant stated, “This is simple. I disclosed to you the cost and you concurred for it. Presently on the off chance that you can’t pay the value, you should give me one thousand gold coins for you have plainly neglected to comprehend what I implied. What’s more, considering that, I have crushed you in the war of words.”

A warmed contention followed between the two and afterward Vidyullatha chose to approach the commonplace Court of Law for equity. She introduced her contention before the judge, “My Lord! This firewood merchant is insane. He requested a modest bunch of grains in lieu of his heap of firewood. I consented to give him that however he continues saying that I don’t comprehend what it means and needs me to wipe off the board before the house. I argue for equity!”

The judge took a gander at the seller and asked him what the issue was. He modestly answered, “Sir, I educated her already that the heap of firewood would cost her a modest bunch grain. I really needed one grain that could fill the hand. In the event that she can’t comprehend this much, she has no privilege to set up that storing before her home.”

Vidyullatha was outsmarted by the firewood merchant and the decision was given for the seller. Vidyullatha was requested to pay him one thousand gold coins and requested to bring down the accumulating from her divider.

That clever seller was none other than Tenaliram. He had additionally caught wind of Vidyulalltha’s presumption and haughtiness, and had along these lines taken the appearance of a firewood seller to show her a lesson.

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