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Three Extraordinary Brahmin – Vikram Betaal Story

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Sometime in the distant past, there carried on a rich Brahmin by the name of Vishnuswamin, who was playing out an enormous conciliatory custom. He had three children and each was to a great degree specific around three particular things. The eldest was demanding about sustenance, the second about ladies and the third about beds.

Vishsnuswamin needed a tortoise for his give up. In this way, he sent his three children to get one. They found one, however each of them declined to touch it and bring it back home, as each asserted to be as demanding as the other.

A furious fight broke out among them and they moved toward the lord and asked for him to choose who among them was the most exacting. The ruler chosen to test them all. He welcomed the first to an extremely extraordinary devour arranged perfectly.

Be that as it may, the principal child, declined to touch the sustenance asserting that the he noticed consumed cadavers in the rice. On examination, the lord found that the rice was secured from a field close to an incineration ground. The lord was genuinely inspired.

He at that point chosen to test the second child by sending a to a great degree delightful lady to him. In any case, the second child sent her away saying that she possessed a scent reminiscent of a goat. On examination, the ruler found that she had been sustained goat drain in her youth. The ruler was awed by the second’s child’s fine taste in ladies.

At that point he chose to test the third child, by giving him a chance to rest in a bed with seven colossal sleeping cushions. Amidst the night, the third child stirred with a great deal of torment and a red wound on his shoulder. It was discovered that there was a strand of hair in the bed underneath the seven sleeping pads.

source youtube

The ruler was to a great degree awed by the affectability of the third child too. He couldn’t choose who among the three was ideal, however utilized them in his court and chosen to utilize the unique aptitudes of the young fellows to his greatest advantage.

Betaal then asked King Vikram, “Who among the three was the most particular? Vikram answered in a split second, “The third child! The wound on his shoulder was a clear proof of his affectability, while the other two children could have acquired data from somewhere else as well.”

When Vikram had completed his answer, Betaal flew back to the tree.

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