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Three Sons and a Bundle of Sticks

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source youtube

Sometime in the distant past, an old man lived with his three children in a town. All his three children were diligent employees. Still, none of them concurred with one another and fought constantly. The old man attempted a great deal to unite them yet he fizzled. While the villagers were astonished at their diligent work and endeavors, they likewise ridiculed them on their battles.

Months went by and the old man fell wiped out. He conversed with his children to stay united, yet none of his children heard his words. In this way, he chose to show them a viable lesson so that they would shed off their disparities and stay united.

The old man called as his children. He let them know, ‘I will issue you a heap of sticks. Separate every stick and you will need to break every stick into bits of two. The person who breaks the sticks rapidly will be compensated more.’

All children concurred.

The old man gave a heap of 10 sticks to everybody of them and requested that break it into pieces. All the children softened the sticks into pieces up minutes.

Also, again they began to squabble among themselves as who started things out.

The old man said, ‘Dear children, the diversion is not over. Presently I will give another heap of sticks to every one of you. You will need to break the sticks as a group, not as partitioned sticks.’

The children concurred and started to break the heap of sticks. Lamentably, they couldn’t break the pack. They made a decent attempt however neglected to finish the assignment.

All children said to the father in regards to their disappointment.

The old man answered, ‘Dear children, See! You could undoubtedly break the single sticks into pieces, yet you were not ready to break the group! The sticks were same. Thus, on the off chance that you stay united, no one can make any damage to you. In the event that you squabble each time with your siblings, anybody can undoubtedly overcome you. I ask for you to stay united.’

The three children comprehended the force of solidarity and guaranteed their dad that whatever be the issue, they would all stay together.

Moral: Unity is Strength!

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