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Tubelight: Movie Review

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The film opens with a look into Laxman Kumar Bisht’s life (Salman Khan) and how his imbecile earned him the moniker ‘Tubelight’. Next, we get the opportunity to see his charming fellowship with his more youthful sibling Bharat (Sohail Khan).

The team are each other’s emotionally supportive network since they lost their folks at an extremely youthful age. Life’s cheerful for them until the point that Bharat gets chosen to join the Indian armed force amid an enrollment drive in their town. Before long, he is relegated to join the Indo-Sino outskirt where there is a substantial strain mounting amongst India and China.

While Bharat is occupied at war, Laxman’s town sees the landings of two new human Le Ling (Zhu) and her little child Guan (Matin Re Tangu) who are Indians with Chinese sources. In the interim, a war is pursued at the Indo-Sino fringe and Bharat disappears.

Afterward, taking a sign from Mahatma Gandhi’s guideline of having confidence in your conviction, Laxman gets to know Guan and Le Ling and gradually understands that they too have lost somebody in that same war.

Will Laxman rejoin with his sibling or will the war smash his life into pieces with the lose of his cherished one?

Salman Khan is the main flashing beam of expectation in this sodden squid. It’s very delighting to watch him play a man-kid with such honesty and helplessness.

It takes a great deal of guts for an on-screen character who is known to be an embodiment of activity, to peel off his mashocist picture and play an entire direct opposite. Yes, there is a scene or two where he runs a bit over the edge with feelings however then you tend to neglect them as he gives you a lot of minutes to cheer in the film.

Sohail Khan plays what he is, all things considered a minding bhai and that is precisely what anticipates for you in Tubelight.

Chinese on-screen character Zhu looks amazingly wonderful and conveys her Hindi exchanges with practically perfecto less any emphasize! Matin Rey Tangu is a splendid find. We so wished he had more screen time!

Late. Om Puri’s character has nothing noteworthy about it except for yes, it’s high on long windedness without a doubt! Notwithstanding a scene or two, Mohammed Zeeshan Ayub neglects to make a stamp.


There’s an exchange in the film which goes like-“Yakeen ek tubelight ki tarah hota hai…der se jalta hai…lekin hit jalta hai, toh full light kar deta hai.” similar remains constant for Salman Khan’s Eid discharge Tubelight. It requires its own particular sweet investment to glimmer however at that point scarcely keeps going to sparkle brilliant!

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