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Tum Bin II: Movie Review

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Amar (Aashim Gulati) and Taran (Neha Sharma) are good to go to get hitched soon. Be that as it may, before that, the darlings zoom off to some snow-clad get-away in light of the fact that ek melody toh banta hai manager! Calamity strikes throughout Tarana’s life when the precise following day Amar goes for skiing and is thought to be died in a mishap.

Poor Tarana, she thinks that its hard to adapt to this sudden misfortune and continues fantasizing about her dead fiancee! It’s the ideal opportunity for the other saint to make his entrance thus we have Shekhar (Aditya Seal) entering the young lady’s desolate world to bring some satisfaction and daylight in her life and help her in proceeding onward. As time cruises by, Taran and Shekhar begin to look all starry eyed at. Why? Since pyaar sensible nahin hota, bas ho jaata hai! Yet, hold up, there’s a whole other world to it when it is found that Amar had survived the mishap! Before long, he reunites with his family and Tarana convoluting lives both for the characters in the film and in addition the group of onlookers. All of a sudden one miracles if this film would put you off sentiment for ever while the producers are in no inclination to show benevolence upon us. They continue dragging the story always abandoning you fossilized before the end of it!

Aashim Gulati sleepwalks through his part and looks ignorant regarding what’s going on around him. We feel you, brother! The main brief that Neha appears to have gotten is to continue shedding basins of tears and go about as a poor soul longing for adoration as the men throughout her life proceed with their vanishing demonstration. However, the most irritating thing of Tum Bin 2 is Aditya Seal’s character Shekhar whose philosophical interpretation of affection and satisfaction is a convoluted ride! Fathers can be botched up as well, on occasion and Kanwaljeet Singh can second that!

Tum Bin 2 is all gleam and regardless. Evan Mulligan’s cinematography is first class yet unfortunately that alone can save this sinking ship. The altering scissors could have been more honed.

Decision: At the Box Office, the film will end up being a winning recommendation for its creators, considering the way that a generous measure of the generation and promoting costs have been recouped from the offer of different rights.

Oh, yet going by the paths of Tum Bin 2 even once is a tiring trip! This one is justified regardless of a-skip!


Review by Adi

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