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Tutak Tutak Tutiya: Movie Review

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The film begins off with Krishna Kumar (Prabhu Dheva) and his ceaseless mission to get a cutting edge young lady as his significant other, so that ‘his youngsters can have a splendid future’. One fine day, he gets a call expressing that his grandma is including her final gasp the town. At the point when a to a great degree stressed Krishna achieves the town, he becomes more acquainted with that his diminishing grandma’s last wish is to see him get hitched to a young lady of her decision. After a modest bunch of dismissals, Krishna’s grandma at long last “chooses” the town bonehead Devi (Tamannaah).

Despite the fact that Krishna’s fantasies of getting hitched to a rich cutting edge young lady are broken, he bargains on his fantasies and gets hitched to Devi. On achieving Mumbai, Krishna advises Devi to take after his directions and not to get excessively near him whenever, which Devi consents to and obeys like a loyal spouse. At the point when the recently wedded couple at last get a house to stay in, much to their dismay what wanders aimlessly anticipate them in the “new” house. Generally as life goes on easily, one day, the devoted Devi gets changed into a stunningly stylish Ruby and awes everybody with her moving aptitudes, particularly Bollywood hotshot Raj Khanna (Sonu Sood).

Absolutely stricken by Ruby, Raj falls head over heels in affection with Ruby. Circumstances turn out to be more terrible when Raj advises Ruby’s presently administrator Krishna to be the delivery person of his affections for Ruby. What is the puzzle encompassing the whole circumstance, how are Devi and Ruby “associated” to each other, does Raj get to be fruitful in admitting his sentiments to Ruby and what happens to Krishna and Devi at last, is the thing that structures whatever remains of the film.

In the wake of having set his directorial banner flying out of this world down south, Vijay makes his Bollywood debut as a chief with TUTAK TUTIYA. One needs to truly value the artfulness and persistence with which he has treated the whole film. With a film that gloats of an “alternate” type, there were numerous spots whereby the film could have gone off to some far away place. Be that as it may, on account of Vijay’s capable heading, the film never loses its track. While the film’s first half sets up the environment for the story, it’s the connecting with second a large portion of that truly ups the energy and comic drama in the film. Despite the fact that the second half looks somewhat extended at modest bunch of spots, it doesn’t hamper the film’s account, which works significantly in the support of the film.

With respect to the exhibitions, the film rides completely on the shoulders of Tamannaah and Prabhu Dheva. Despite the fact that Tamannaah was most recently seen in the raving success BAHUBALI, it is truly decent and invigorating to see her in an absolute part that appears to be thoroughly customized for her. The earnestness with which she approaches her part in the film is unmistakably noticeable all through the film. Praise to her for effectively pulling off her part which has two extremes (you need to see the film to recognize what it implies). Then again, Prabhu Dheva does equity to his part of a dolt with out of this world dreams about his life accomplice. Sonu Sood, who, at first is by all accounts experiencing a tremendous ‘Shah Rukh Khan’ aftereffect, slowly, does his part easily. Other than the glitz viewpoint, the cameos by Amy Jackson and Esha Gupta are unimportant. Rest of the film’s characters help the film advance.

Regardless of the nearness of numerous music chiefs (Sajid Wajid, Dr. Bal Sidhu, Millind Gaba, Raaj Aashoo, Gurinder Seagal, Vishal Mishra), the film figures out how to stir one and only hummable track (as ‘Rail Gaddi’). The ambient sounds (Gopi Sundar) is clear and is tuned in to the film’s story.

The film’s altering (Anthony) is normal and could have improved in the film’s second half. The film’s cinematography (Manush Nandan) is average.

All in all, TUTAK TUTIYA scores absolutely on its novel idea. It should rely on a solid verbal exchange be that as it may, to enlist fair numbers in the cinematic world.


Review by Adi

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