Two Swans and A Tortoise

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Long ago, in a lake in the country of Magdha, there carried on a tortoise. Two swans similarly lived close-by. The three were incredible allies.

One day, a few fishermen connected there and said, “We’ll come here tomorrow morning and catch fish and tortoises.”

Right when the tortoise heard this, she said to the swans, “Listen to what the fishers are expressing. What might we have the capacity to do? What on the planet am I to do?”

The swans replied, “We’ll see what’s the best thing to do.”

“I’ve been through some unpleasant times here already,” said the tortoise, “so would you have the capacity to offer me some assistance with getting to another lake today?”

“Regardless, it won’t be alright for you to crawl to another lake,” addressed the swans.

“To be sure, you can pass on me there between yourselves,” addressed the tortoise extremely fulfilled by herself.

“By what means would we have the capacity to do that?” asked the swans.

“Each of you could hold one end of the stick in your noses while I get a handle on it in the inside with my mouth. By then, when you fly, I can keep running with you,” said the tortoise.

“What a keen thought!” said the swans. “In any case, it is uncommonly unsafe in light of the way that in case you open your mouth to talk, you’ll tumble down.”

“Do you think I’ll be so imbecilic?” asked the tortoise.

Later, when the swans flew up, passing on their friend, the tortoise on a stick, they were spotted by some dairy creatures swarms underneath.

Astonished, they began to shout, “What an odd sight! Look at that! The swans are trucking a tortoise away some spot.”

“Without a doubt, if the tortoise tumbles down, we’ll cook it,” said one of the cow-like group.

“I’ll cut it into little bits and eat it,” said another.

Listening to these unkind remarks, the tortoise ignored where she was and hollered in inconvenience, “You’ll eat red hot flotsam and jetsam.”

The moment she opened her mouth, she lost her grip and came tearing down. She was bounced upon and killed by the dairy creatures bunches.

The swans hopelessly saw the end of their partner the tortoise and wished she had listened to them in light of the fact that strong advice is past any expense.

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