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Unbelievable Superstition from Ancient Greece

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Magic Spells

Spell have been discovered recorded on various tablets all finished old Greece. Numerous were connected to therapeutic practices, either to enable somebody to show signs of improvement, enhance the effectiveness of medications, or even to toxin or damage foes.

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In spite of the fact that spells product for the most part talked, it was trusted that their effectiveness would increment on the off chance that they were upheld by particular activities, for example, writing the words and utilizing pictures of people, creatures, evil presences, and magical symbols.

Thessaly was one locale unequivocally connected to witchcraft. Abstract sources recommend that expert witches around there were in the matter of offering spells customized to their client’s determination. Aristophanes depicts one of his characters, Strepsiades, considering reaching the Thessalian witches so he could purchase a spell from them. Strepsiades was under water, and his thought was to trap the Moon utilizing one of this spells. On the off chance that the Moon did not rise once more, the month to month enthusiasm of his obligation couldn’t continue building.



Astrology gazing affected the Greek personality in two different ways: either by asserting that planetary conduct had an inevitable effect on human undertakings, or by going about as a rule in connection to human identities and patterns agreeing the situation of heavenly bodies when people were born.Many old Greek prophetic works have survived.

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A standout amongst the most well known was composed by the astrologer Vettius Valens (second century BC) who, in light of his tone and words, does not sound exceptionally idealistic in connection to identity patterns connected to the indications of the zodiac. In his work The Astrological Anthologies, for instance, he said that being conceived under Taurus is dishonorable, and that such individuals are probably going to experience the ill effects of “torment in the nostrils through damage and ailment, broken appendages, throat tumors, sciatica, and abscesses. Capricorn, Valens includes, is a “fiendish and conflicting” sign, and such individuals are “inclined to committing errors, flighty, criminal, unscrupulous, cutting, and disturbing.”


Animal Sacrifices

Bulls, goats, and sheep were the best decisions for creature forfeits in antiquated Greece, yet there were likewise some unusual decisions. As indicated by Plutarch, young doggies were yielded by the Spartans to respect the war god EnyaliusSometimes, creature penances left control, as it did after the Battle of Marathon in 490 BC.

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Xenophon revealed that the Athenians guaranteed the goddess Artemis that they would forfeit one goat in her respect for each foe they murdered. Herodotus reports that the Athenians murdered 6,400 foes amid the fight, and there were essentially insufficient goats. Rather, the Athenians consented to play out a custom consistently in which they would forfeit 500 goats to Artemis. Xenophon’s report said this custom was as yet watched 100 years after Marathon.



Prophets in old Greece could mean two firmly related things: an announcement made by various gods, or the locales where such proclamations were made. A considerable lot of these announcements were reactions to human inquiries. Some future essentially “yes” or “no,” while some other could arrive in an enigmatic or questionable shape.

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The prophet of Zeus at Dodona in Epirus is one of the most seasoned Greek prophets. Amid the fifth century BC, the priestesses talked in the interest of the god Zeus and gave positive or negative responses to questions recorded on lead tablets. Around 80 of such tablets get by to our days and can be found in the exhibition hall at Ioannina in Greece.



The thought the fantasies could predict what’s to come was boundless in old Greece. The antiquated seer Artemidorus accumulated a work named Interpretation of Dreams, where he uncovers some multifaceted implications connected to number games”Seeing a weasel in a fantasy connotes a detestable and dubious lady and a claim, for ‘claim’ and ‘weasel’ are isopsephic”.

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“Seeing an old lady in a fantasy predicts demise to a debilitated individual, since ‘old lady’, signifies 704, and ‘the burial service’ adds to 704. An old lady symbolizes a memorial service regardless, since she will kick the bucket in the not exceptionally far off future.”



The faith in the mystical properties of ornaments was shared by numerous in Greece. Ranchers, always stressed over the climate, were particularly powerless against store their expectations in the enchantment properties these things. A considerable lot of them wore ornaments around their necks or wrists to guarantee the correct level of precipitation for their yields to flourish.

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Different properties of ornaments included: to keep way burglars, good fortunes, contraception, to pull in a sweetheart, and to shield its wearer from spells and unsafe enchantment pointed against. Some had inquisitive shapes which improved their capacity, which included Egyptian crabs, hands making foul motions, phalluses, eyes, and vulvas.

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